#ROW80 Round 2 2015 Goals Wrap Up

ROW80When I started this round, I only planned my “weekly” goals and my “to do” goals through May.  I planned to add, but I didn’t plan to add as much and as often as I did.  In other words, I was more productive than I planned.  I also adjusted a lot this round, knowing that failures I expected shouldn’t be expected, but accounted for to allow me success.  Anyways, I had a lot of goals.  So, let’s get to looking at them.

Work On Writing (Almost) Everyday – I gave myself daily assignments, so that I could meet my “deadlines.”  I either worked at pace or ahead of.  Only on a couple of occasions did I have to play catch up/ignored the assignment.  Of course, there were quite a few “earned” days off (for completing one of the below goals).
Get GRANDMA submission ready (4/6 – 4/9) Started (4/7) & Done (4/8)HAMSTER Read through for fixes (4/11 – 4/22) Started (4/10) & Done (4/15) and Draft 2 (4/24 – 4/29) Started (4/17) & Done (4/22)Added (4/23): Synopsis for GRANDMA Done! (4/27)ALCHEMY Read through for fixes (5/1 – 5/17) Started (5/1) & Done (5/21)Added (5/9): 2 Short Stories Started (5/9) & Done (5/12)Added (5/23): Outline short story (5/24) DONE (5/24)Added (5/23): Write SciFi Short Story (5/26 – 5/30) Started (5/26) & Done! (5/29)Added (5/23): ALCHEMY deeper details for Chapter 1 (5/26 – 6/2) Started (5/26) & Done (5/31)Added (5/23): ALCHEMY Chapter 1 Draft 2 (6/4-6/10) Started (6/2) & Done (6/6)Added (5/23): Get More Stuff Out in Slush (6/12 – 6/13) Started (6/11) & Done (6/12)Added (5/23): ALCHEMY Chapter 2 Deeper Details (6/15 – 5/21) Started (6/14) & Done (6/15)Added (5/23): Start Chapter 2 Draft 2 (6/23) Started (6/20) & Done (6/22)Added (5/30): Enter Contest (5/30 – 6/30) Started (5/30) & Done (6/18)

Our charcoal grill was rusted out after years of abuse. Tuesday we went out and bought our first ever gas grill. (My parents had gas grills, but I hadn't owned one until Tuesday.)

Our charcoal grill was rusted out after years of abuse. Tuesday we went out and bought our first ever gas grill. (My parents had gas grills, but I hadn’t owned one until Tuesday.)

Read Lots – Not as much as I would have liked, especially after June hit.  Last round I killed this goal like a helpless bug, so this feels less than awesome.  Truth is, I did a little better than okay.  I met and surpassed.
QUEEN OF ROGUES (4/6 – 4/23) Started (4/6) & Finished (4/15)THE SIEGE (4/24 – 5/17) Started (4/16) & Finished (5/13)MISS MOLLY ROBBINS DESIGNS A SEDUCTION (5/18 – 6/25) Started 5/14 & Done 5/16Added (5/18): COOKIES AND SCREAM Started (5/18) – Still readingEdited (5/29): JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ISSUE #2 (April – Done 4/29!), & #3 (May – Done 6/3!), & #4 (June) Edited (6/14): Get in extra reading 2 1 times a week. Finished ANIMAL FARM, YUREI ATTACK, VAMPLETS, MURDER BY THE SEASIDE, and FROSTBITE (graphic novel). Met goal 7.5 out of 11.5 weeks.

Exercise – Even with injuries I did my best.  
On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 11.5 out of 11.5 weeks I was successful. To burn 1750 calories per week. The only weeks I failed to meet this goal were weeks I was injured – 9.5 out of 11.5 weeks successful.

I somehow forgot that I suggested my husband’s name for a list of names in this graphic novel. I think Leigh (the script writer) said he would be a damphir based on context. I’m very lucky to have such a good friend.

Be a Good ROWer – Well, I always feel like I can do better on this.  However, it is always also the first thing to suffer when time is short or I’m overloaded.
Edited (5/3): Visit 2 5 (or more) blogs per on Sunday check-ins that I’m not subscribed to. Completed 8 out of 11.5 weeks successfully. | Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit the blogs each on Sunday’s check-in that I am subscribed to. 9 out of 11.5 weeks successfully completed.

Make It Up To the WIPpeteers – I was doing bad at balancing WIPpet Wednesdays, but feel I found my answer this round.  Posting once a month and visiting other the rest of the month allows me to feel like I’m contributing and not leeching.
Return over due visits.  Done (4/8)One last awesome snippet from ALCHEMY Done (4/15) and another round of visits. Done (5/24)Added (5/24): Post WIPpet 5/27 Done! (5/27) and visit back everyone in June. Finished (6/16)

BONUS GOALS – All but two!  Not bad.  But, my poor bedroom.  I really should get to that.
Lose More Weight Done!Do a New Blog Welcome Video NopePolish New Look of Blog/Website Done! (5/29)Finish My Chapter Book Agent List Done (6/10)Reorganize My Bedroom NopeClean Bulletin Board Done! (4/12)Added (4/26): Hang Kids’ School Pics Done! (4/26)

Between ROWnds:  Yesterday, I planned out my schedule through 8/8.  Between rounds, I’ll be working on deep details for chapter 3 and writing that chapter’s second draft.  I’ll also be sending more stuff (queries and short stories) into the slush.  Sometime within the next week I’ll be getting JEM #4, too (which I removed from goals because I knew timing would be off).  When the round starts I should be on chapter 4’s deep details.  Also yesterday, I ironed out the rest of my summer schedule as well.  It should be smooth sailing and fun times with my spawns.

What was your greatest accomplishment this ROWnd?
Will I see you ROWnd 3?

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8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 2 2015 Goals Wrap Up

  1. You always accomplish so much, Gloria. I’m glad you are starting to see just how awesome you are. And I’m glad you’ve found a way to participate in WIPpet Wednesdays in a way that works for you too. We missed you there.

    • Thanks for saying I’m awesome. 🙂

      I will admit to not feeling like I am doing enough, still. (There’s this magical me in my head that does things like Mary Poppins magic fast and always has energy and doesn’t have to worry about she eats or not getting enough sleep… She scares me as much as I want to be her.) However, I thankfully stopped beating myself up over things I can’t do and I also stopped belittling what I accomplish.

      As for WIPpet Wednesday, I just had to find a way to make it work! I love the WIPpeteers so much. I wish I could do it more often, but some is definitely better than none!

      • I wonder if we all have a magical me inside us… mine is skinny, athletic (things I never was), and… oddly very ugly, like gawky, homely, every pore and pimple the size of a moon crater… so it always astounds me when people say I’m pretty (or I discover that I cannot hike a mile or more up straight cliff sides, etc).

        And yeah, some is definitely better than none.

        • I think all our magical me’s contain one of our (perceived) flaws. I think as writers we know no one can be perfect, even if it is our magical selves.

  2. Awesome progress, Gloria! You definitely kicked butt this round.

    I hope you get lots of use out of your new grill this summer. We’re finally moving to a place where we can actually have a grill, and I know my husband is already looking forward to plenty of cook-outs.

    Happy summer! See you next round!

    • I definitely did better than I expected. Thanks!

      We have yet to get a gas tank for the grill. That’s planned for Saturday and first grilling is Sunday! I hope you get lots of grilling time once you move. 🙂

      Good luck with the next round!

  3. That’s a pretty big haul for completed goals (big and small). Congrats!

    As for goals I was most proud of, I had a lot of little goals. I am pleased by my reading record this Round, about 12 to 15 books total. Also I found my passion for writing again. I think I lost it under the bed with the dust bunnies for a while. I haven’t written everyday, but I have been more consistent and made more time to write. So that’s that! 🙂

    • I’m definitely jealous of your reading! It’s wonderful to hear that you found your passion again. It can be such a fickle thing (especially when times get hard). I hope you continue to have it and that writing time keeps happening. 🙂

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