Looking Good With Goals – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80Still haven’t settled on a summer schedule.  That’s making me antsy, but, with luck, this week will have it ironed out.  In the middle of the night Wednesday, my son got sick.  Thankfully that didn’t last long and didn’t spread.  Over the course of the week, I also arranged Father’s Day presents for my father and my husband.  (My husband arranged the one for his dad.)

On the writing front, I feel I got quite a bit done.

Work On Writing (Almost) Everyday
Added Goal (5/23): ALCHEMY Chapter 2 Deeper Details (6/15 – 5/21) Started (6/14) & Done (6/15) Once I got started on this, I got it done fast.  Which was great as it gave me time to work on my contest entry.
Added Goal (5/23): Start Chapter 2 Draft 2 (6/23) Started (6/20) If I stick to the prescribed pace, I’ll finish this Wednesday and before the round is done (had expected to finish between rounds).
Added Goal (5/30): Enter Contest (5/30 – 6/30) Started (5/30) & Done (6/18) I was happy with the story and polished it up.  Okay, I did want to do more, but I felt if I did the more I wanted, I would miss the deadline.  

Read Lots
Added Goal(5/18):COOKIES AND SCREAM Started (5/18) Read a chapter or two.
Edited (6/14) Sub Goal: Get in extra reading 2 1 times a week. 1/1 Finished FROSTBITE (graphic novel)

Sub Goal: On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 5/5
Sub Goal: To burn 1750 calories per week. 1804

Be a Good ROWer
Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit 2 (or more) blogs per on Sunday check-ins that I’m not subscribed to.  5/5
Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit the blogs each on Sunday’s check-in that I am subscribed to. Yes

Make It Up To the WIPpeteers
Added Goal (5/24): Post WIPpet 5/27 Done! (5/27) and visit back everyone in June. Finished (6/16) That date is a guess. I stayed up late one night and just did them all.  


I’ll save my end of round round up until Thursday (the official day).  I plan to do a WIPpet post Wednesday, so that will allow less clutter.  Anyways, I’ll continue to work at what I’m doing.  What happens, happens.  No pressure.

What did you do for the fathers in your life?
How has the round treated you?

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6 thoughts on “Looking Good With Goals – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. We’re taking my FIL and my brother-by-choice (who’s also a father) out to dinner for Father’s Day.

    You’ve made some GREAT progress here. GO YOU!

    This round was pretty good for me. I got lots accomplished.

    • Dinner out is always a nice treat. Hope you have lots of yummy stuff! Glad to hear the round went well for you! 🙂

  2. I’d say this round was pretty good. I have started a new system of productive (still has some bug). Some of these include learning to spend specific time on writing (using 30 minute increments to write), reading in the morning and before bed, and keeping my goals small awhile I build up for larger based goals.

    It was a quiet Father’s day, I chatted with my Dad yesterday and the Hub’s dad is outta town, so we will visit next week. Been a busy weekend. A bunch of theatre friends are graduating this year, so lots of parties to attend each weekend.

    Here’s ato a good round for the two if us (and several others too).!! ~high five~

  3. High fives for everyone! 🙂

    Part of writing is making writing work for us and learning what that means. I think that’s exactly what you’re doing! Great job.

    I’d probably run and hide if I was busy because of parties. I’m such a home body. Though, it sounds like you’re very happy with it. Congrats to all your friends!

  4. This round hasn’t been as productive as I would like, but we can’t meet all of our goals all of the time, so I’m okay with that.

    We spent father’s day at my in-laws’ farm–had a cookout with the family. I chatted with my dad Monday night, since he was out of town on Sunday. The cookout was a lot of fun, and we got to see our nieces, who are growing up so fast!

    Have a great week, Gloria!

    • I’ve had my fair share of less than productive rounds. But, you definitely had some major life stuff happening. Sadly life doesn’t stop for writing (or even pause).

      Sounds like a great father’s day! If there are chickens at that farm, I’m green with envy.

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