The People and the World

Meant to post this yesterday, but summer is making me lose track of time already!  Hopefully, this will not be a repeated trend.  Anyways…

Last week, I talked about getting the basic idea down.  Now, the steps after that generally all happen at once for me.  I just nip and peck at all the things until they are done.  So, I’m spreading those things over two blog posts.

In this post I’m sharing my sheets for character profiles and setting.  Why those two together?  Because, I feel that setting can very much be a character.  And the sheet feels to me like it is a profile sheet, just done differently.

Click here to get my StoryWorld PDF!

Before I share the character profile I must state I love doing the last bit, relationship with other characters, quite a lot.  While you could keep it simple (“co-worker” “sister” or whatever), I take it a step further.  I think of how the character views the others in a story and how they interact.  (“Least liked co-worker, that he prays is fired everyday” or “favorite sister that she dotes on.”)

Click here for the CharacterProfile PDF!

Any questions about the sheets?

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