Starting My Summer – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80Monday evening my brain was out to lunch and never came back, which is why I almost forgot to cook dinner.  As I freaked out and stood up, my knee (the one that had been hurt not so long ago) went NOPE!  I have this thing, and I hope it isn’t just me, that if I injury a body part in a pull/strain/sprain kind of way, I spend months hurting it on and off until it develops some sort of strength/resistance to it all.  When I first started yoga, it was my right elbow that went through this.

Good thing Saturday wasn’t a state park walking day with the kids!  We cover anywhere from two to four miles a walk.  Though the first one of those is right around the corner, so I hope my knee heals fast.  We are easing into summer routine this year.  I just was so tired after waiting for last week to end (so school would end) that I just didn’t want to jump in full speed.  I’m sorting things and getting things in order.  Yesterday’s priority was hair cuts (daughter’s bangs and son got a mowhawk).  Today’s is finding out what kits/experiments we got, as well as stowing away school year stuff.

If you follow me on Twitter you know this is from STARRY SKY ~ IN SPRING. This character is the bad boy who is quick to get into fights, because he has  an undefined disease that's killing him and fighting proves he's healthy. He's adorable.

If you follow me on Twitter you might know this is from STARRY SKY ~ IN SPRING. This character is Kanata, the bad boy who is quick to get into fights, because he has an un-named disease that’s killing him and fighting proves he’s healthy. He’s adorable.  I’m saving him to woo last because he’s my favorite.

Aside from that, in order to prepare my desktop computer for its reformatting I’ve been finishing off some dating simulation games I just never finished.  I finished MATCHES AND MATRIMONY (Jane Austen based dating sim) and am trying to finish STARRY SKY ~ IN SPRING (Japanese game with translation patch).

That covers life!  Guess we should go to (active) goals next.

Work On Writing (Almost) Everyday
Added Goal (5/23): ALCHEMY Chapter 1 Draft 2 (6/4-6/10) Started (6/2) & Done (6/6) I’m ahead of schedule! This is good as it gives me some time with my contest entry.

Read Lots
Added Goal(5/18):COOKIES AND SCREAM Started (5/18) Have to get back to this, darn it!
Edited (5/29) Sub Goal
: JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ISSUE #2 (April – Done 4/29!), & #3 (May – Done! 6/3), & #4 (June)
Sub Goal: Get in extra reading 2 times a week. 2/2 Finished graphic novel VAMPLETS

Sub Goal: On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 5/5
Sub Goal: To burn 1750 calories per week. 1730


The “got all 9 endings” end screen for MATCHES AND MATRIMONY.

Be a Good ROWer
Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit 2 (or more) blogs per on Sunday check-ins that I’m not subscribed to. 5/5
Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit the blogs each on Sunday’s check-in that I am subscribed to. Yes 

Make It Up To the WIPpeteers
Added Goal (5/24): Post WIPpet 5/27 Done! (5/27) and visit back everyone in June. Working on visiting.


Anyways, I’m not sure what the coming week will bring as everything is adjusting.  I do have hopes and expectations, but I don’t want to set them in stone beyond what I’ve already listed as my goals.

Ever played a dating sim?  What video game are you addicted to?
What summer plans have you started?

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9 thoughts on “Starting My Summer – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Nice work! What are dating sims? I have never heard of them, but it sounds interesting.

    • Dating sims are basically like the old “choose your adventure” novels, but in video game form and with the objective being a romance/relationship.

      MATCHES AND MATRIMONY I got from Amazon and that had a strategy element to it that required you to cultivate the right personality and the right replies to achieve the endings.

      I bought second hand STARRY SKY after the patch was released for free on the web (because my Japanese is soooo basic). This is like the best of the games out there and includes voice acting (which is in Japanese) as well as the text on the screen. This is just about getting the right answers to unlock the two endings for each guy (dating or married), or messing it all up and ending up single.

      There are games for Android and iPhones/iPads available for free, if you are still interested and want to try it out. Once I finish STARRY SKY I plan to start exploring those.

  2. I didn’t even know dating sims existed, but the one you mentioned sounds really interesting. I don’t game much, but my hubby loves games, though he mostly plays turn-based battle games (he’s really into Summoner’s War right now. Before that it was Clash of Clans.).

    My summer plans mostly revolve around moving: find someone to take over our apartment lease and then start packing for our August move. And somewhere in between the showings and the packing I have to find time to write, blog, etc. But at least I won’t run out of things to do!

    Have a great week, Gloria! Happy writing!

    • I learned of dating Sims through anime and manga. They have many lines over there in Japan (some of which have become anime). I’ve always been a niche type player (like DDR and THE SIMS). Though, I try out mainstream stuff on occasion. It’s been a while since I played a turn based battle game. They can be quite fun.

      Your summer is going to be super intense and busy! I’m wishing you the best with all that. 🙂

  3. I can believe there is a thing call dating sims and based on Jane Austen too! That’s cool! I like the weird things that exist in these world. I like words with friends, being an English major in college and a lover of words it’s the perfect match. Haven’t tried a sims game. I have gotten addicted to Angry Birds, it’s my I need to burn brain cells and kill some time game.

    Hope your knee starts to feel better. Sending some more good vibes! 🙂

    • The Jane Austen based game was a lot of fun to play through. There were some interesting choices I could make that resulted in different from the books endings. There’s a huge American dating sims market, but there is one.

      Angry Birds is a fun game. Definitely a god way to pass some time!

      It is indeed feeling better. Went for our first walk and it was great! Though, no walking today as there is rain.

  4. Hope your knee heals up before that walk with the kids . . . Maybe gaming has a backward link to writing, all that playing around with alternate worlds, maybe visualizing possibilities. Right now, I’ve fallen into Farmville but it’s starting to feel a little repetitive. I mean, how many times can you get excited about growing asparagus? Your goals are laid out to show priority and are specific enough to that tracking progress is pretty easy. I also love the graphics on your website, reflecting your interest in anime? Happy summer and happy writing!

    • For the first walk of the year I bound my knee in ace bandage and had only did two miles. That was Monday. Today, my knee was strong enough to do a 3.5 mile run in 40 minutes (a new milestone for me).

      While trying to get all the endings the story can be a bit repetitive in the dating sims, so I get what you mean. That’s why I’m just finishing them now.

      The layout of my goals evolved when I decided I needed priorities. It really works great for me.

      The art was made with anime/manga drawing software I have. Though, it is mostly a play on my name (Web-er).

      Hope you have a great summer too!

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