Talking Baller

Saturday night we were discussing heights.  My already too tall friend said, “I wouldn’t mind being taller.”  That triggered my husband to recall Skee Lo’s I WISH.  Which led to me and my husband reciting the chorus.

(Play the song, you know you want to!)

Then my friend asked a question that shocked us. “What is a baller?”  We had a moment of disbelief where we couldn’t believe that A) he didn’t know this song and B) he had never heard baller used before.  We were amazed in a way.

Then we went to explain that in the context of this song it meant a good basketball player.  However, I had to interject that currently it means a very successful man that has all the good things (like a professional basketball player).  Though, when I looked it up today it also means a thug that has done well for himself (which limits who can be a baller even more).

My friend asked, “So the meaning has changed?”

“Yeah,” I said.  “See I WISH came out when we were in high school and the first instance of the current meaning of baller I can remember is in Destiny’s Child’s BILLS BILLS BILLS.  That would be college years for us.”  (Note: All this was a decade and some ago… *sigh*)

(You want to play this one too!)

“Wow language evolves fast these days,” he said.  And we all couldn’t help agree.

Is there any slang that’s surprised you lately?
And slang evolution you like or dislike?

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2 thoughts on “Talking Baller

  1. LOL. I would probably be embarrassed to admit some of the slang words that I don’t know or had to ask my husband what they meant. And thanks for sharing the Destiny’s Child tune. Takes me back. 🙂

    • The last one I had to look up and I still don’t quite get is creepy pasta. I mean, I think I get the concept (internet started urban legend?), but using it in sentences just sounds weird to me.

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