Bleaching Before Blue – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80The package says azure, but I think it is sky blue.  And right now I’m bleaching the ends of my hair hoping for an ombre effect (willing to settle of a dip dye look).  This is all in celebration of losing 25 pounds (since November).  I actually did that two weeks ago and have had the bleaching stuff for over a week, but things have been busy.

I spent Sunday through Tuesday working on my freelance gig.  Also on Tuesday, I got myself a pretty, red laptop, which I named Red.  Because of a not smooth move on my part and so much crap on my desktop, I didn’t have Red set up until Wednesday afternoon.  Also on Wednesday, my mom got all worried about my knee and decided to buy me new (actual) running shoes.

Speaking of my knee, I might be better?  I’m going to take things slow and do my usual yoga and then dog run only on Monday. If that goes well, I’ll add treadmill Wednesday.  I don’t miss running because I like how it feels, but I miss it for the accomplishment I felt from hitting goals or managing new times.

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s look at my active goals!

Work On Writing (Almost) Everyday
Sub Goal: ALCHEMY Read through for fixes (5/1 – 5/17) Started 5/1 Because of the freelance I fell behind with this goal, which is fine.  It is the last writing goal I had lined up anyways.  I’m still not sure what I will do after this.
Added Goal (5/9): 2 Short Stories Started 5/9 & Done 5/12

Read Lots
Sub Goal: THE SIEGE (4/24 – 5/17) Started (4/16) & Done 5/13 Took me long enough despite enjoying it.
Sub Goal: MISS MOLLY ROBBINS DESIGNS A SEDUCTION (5/18 – 6/25) Started 5/14 & Done 5/16 Apparently this was the book I needed.  I just kept picking it up and reading it.  It soothed me brain.
Sub Goal: Get in extra reading 2 times a week. 2/2

Sub Goal: On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 5/5
Sub Goal: To burn 1750 calories per week. 1459 Stupid knee…

Be a Good ROWer
Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit 2 5 (or more) blogs per on Sunday check-ins that I’m not subscribed to. 5/5
Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit the blogs each on Sunday’s check-in that I am subscribed to. Yes

Make It Up To the WIPpeteers
Sub Goal: One last awesome snippet from ALCHEMY Done (4/15) and another round of visits. Should have been done this but the new laptop off set things.  I hope to do this later today to get back on track.

Snapshot_20150517_1BONUS GOALS

Well, I had to stop while writing this to wash the bleach out.  Sadly, my hair didn’t get the way I wanted.  Since I’m just bleaching the ends I’ll be trying again next week.  Maybe this whole snafu will help with the ombre-ness of it all.

To Stay On Track: I put on the next book I’ll read on my goodreads list, but not my goals.  Monday I’ll start reading COOKIES AND SCREAM and over achieving on my reading goal (WOOT).  I also hope to finish my non-fiction reading material and start digging into some graphic novels I have access to.  This week I should be finishing my ALCHEMY read through.  Then, I’ll likely take a little time off to plan my attack for draft 2 (or other summer writing plans) and summer with my kids.

What were your wins and losses this week?
Does June seem far off or just around the corner?

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8 thoughts on “Bleaching Before Blue – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I’m more of a reverse ombre person. (It comes from being 54 and having my hair grow in grey. I figure if the light section is by the roots, it’s harder to tell. :D)

    Congrats on the weight loss achievement. Way to go!

    Congrats, too, on the other achievements. Sounds like you’re motoring along.

    Hope you have a great week.

    • I am like the only person in the world that wants gray hair (easier to dye weird colors). I envy it. And I fear, while my mom has them, that I’ll end up being like my grandmother who never had a gray hair, even when she passed.

      Thank you! I’m working hard on all fronts.

      • I’ve seriously debated getting my stylist to just go crazy with the colours. I’m just concerned that it will look extremely strange as it’s growing out. 🙂

        • I actually attempted an ombre thing, but it turned out looking paint dipped. (Here it is up in a pony tail: There are actually lots of ways to do it so that roots don’t show as much or matter (like what I did or dying your under layer). Part of the reason I went for this look was the root issue. Talk to your stylist and she might have a couple of cool suggestions too. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss. I’ve been trying for some time but I sabotage myself. Just have to get back at it. Lots of achievement for you as well. All the best in the week ahead.

    • Thank you! I have to admit, I’d probably be further along if I was a bit more disciplined, but I’m moving forward (or rather moving towards less) and that’s what matters.

  3. Awesome, you, on your goals! 25 pounds is pretty amazing and deserves a sweet dye job at the very least. As far as hair, mine’s still mostly brown at 35 and hasn’t been dyed since my Manic Panic, punkish high school days. But I’m starting to get some silver threads that I’ve decided are pretty. Hope your blue looks exactly like you want it to, and good luck on your writing the rest of the week!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I still have quite a bit to go to hit a healthy weight, but I’m getting there.

      I was a preppy in high school and I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair weird colors, which makes the fact my mom was the one that bought the azure for me (holiday gift) kind of funny. Simply put, I went from respectable kid to subculture adult. I fully dove into my gothy/anime tastes in my mid twenties and just slip in and out of it depending on time. Having done it yourself you know how much work that can be.

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