Hello, Red!

redAs I write this, I’m burning recovery disk 3 of 5 for my new laptop, which I bought yesterday.  There’s a whole bunch of reasons I bought a laptop.  Chief reason being: My desktop has been freezing (from what appear to be visual driver failures, which are all up to date and the card is only couple years old so it shouldn’t be acting like that).  And when it freezes…  We’re talking for minutes at a time, while I’m blasting music.  And the sound that music makes when it freezes is like modem squelch.  EEEErrrRRRRReeeeRRRRRREeeeeerRRRRR…

I’ve been expecting it to blow up any time now.

So, yesterday, I started setting up Red (I think why I named it that is obvious).  And that’s when I messed up and infected her with malware.  I mean, I owned her for hours and she was infected because I don’t know what I’m doing with Windows 8 and I tried locating Open Office in a way that wasn’t a web browser.  Totally a noob move.

Why Open Office?  Because I didn’t think my Word 2000 would work well on it as it had some problems with Windows 7, which is why I started using Word Starter 2010 to write ALCHEMY with.  So even if Word 2000 worked, ALCHEMY would still be unusable in it.  And I don’t have the money for Scrivner right now (for obvious reasons).

Thankfully, after yoga, but before the dog walk, this morning I managed to remove that crap.  I also managed to root out some built in PUPs and get rid of them.  And when I thought I might just get closer to writing, then it told me I needed to make recovery disks.

Anyways, Red will be home to my creative work.  I’ll be doing my writing, art, and occasional video making on her (since she has a built in webcam).  I am going to try and salvage my desktop and reformat it.  I’ll use it for Sims 3 (which stopped working on it a few years ago) and possibly a couple other games if it survives and cooperates.  If it doesn’t, I’ll just wait as my husband wants to get himself a gaming machine. (He’s not always home, MUAHAHAHA!)

Well, just started disk 4, almost done!

Other things left to do before I can get back to writing:
Get my Wacom Intuos drivers installed
Install Manga Studio
Install printer software
Transfer files (which are on USB drive waiting)

Do you have a dream laptop/computer or software you want?
Have you ever messed something up after just getting it?

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4 thoughts on “Hello, Red!

  1. Sounds like you were able to remove the malware without doing too much damage. Whew!

    I’ve had my laptop for a few years, and it works well for what I use it for–mostly writing, blogging, social media, and some Web surfing. I try to keep my laptops, cell phones, etc. as long as I can. Not sure how many more years I can get out of this one. Good luck and congrats on your shiny new laptop!

    • It turns out calling it all good was an exaggeration when I wrote this point. However, I ended up doing a system restore (as I discovered a restore point that hadn’t been there the day before). It has been awesome since then. I feel so silly for having that happen! But, I’m back to writing now and I’m not having to adjust to this keyboard (I’m guessing the spacing/size is similar to the desktop’s).

      I do hope to keep this for a long time too, like with my desktop. While my graphics card on my desktop is a couple of years old, the unit is over five years old (I’m thinking I got it in 2008, but can’t remember for certain). I’m hoping a reformat will give it new life and allow me to keep using it.

  2. And that is why I married my techno wizard! I pass it all to him and let him fix it. Of course, that means I am left frustrated when he takes my laptop away for an upgrade, and once returned I can’t find family photos beyond 6 months. HMMMMMMM. Lovely color on you laptop.

    • I can handle fixing things, if I’m used to them. Windows 8 is just a beast I avoided until now. I’m getting the hang of it though. 🙂

      The color was a big selling point, oddly enough. Figured, if I wasn’t willing to spring for the touch screen, I needed the spiffy red (not the black). 😉

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