My Knee, Cuban Pastries, and the Rest of My Week – #ROW80 Check-In


Work On Writing (Almost) Everyday
I was working on Sub Goal: ALCHEMY Read through for fixes (5/1 – 5/17) Started 5/1 and doing quite well!  I managed to fit in extra chapters on Monday and Thursday that got me ahead of the game, which was great because I lost my Friday writing time.  My father called and I spent my writing time talking with him and having a great conversation.  I would have been a day ahead still, but I got a freelance gig all straightened out and I started that.  Added Goal (5/9): 2 Short Stories  I’ll be knocking this out before I return to ALCHEMY.  

Read Lots
I continued with Sub Goal: THE SIEGE (4/24 – 5/17) Started (4/16).  It isn’t that I’m not enjoying the book, I am!  I added the next two to my wishlist.  It is just, I am only managing my minimum reading.  Truth is, I almost failed Sub Goal: Get in extra reading 2 times a week. However, before writing this post I got the one chapter in the last book in the stack read.  So nailed it!

How I wrote on Saturday and today.

How I wrote on Saturday and today.

I want to say it started Monday, but honestly looking back it was more like April 29th or May 1st.  The tendon that attaches my knee cap to my shin started hating me.  When it first started hurting, being the out of shape wuss I am, I thought it was muscles rejecting/getting used to increased activity (like my abs after those Wednesday crunches I have yet to heal from).  Saturday, after a 1 mile dog run/walk and 2.5 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill, my knee, which usually feels better after exercise, was a ball of pain.  That’s when I realized Oh, crap! I hurt my knee!  I am less than thrilled.  I’ve also been relaxing with my knee in ace bandage since Saturday morning.  While this week I did manage Sub Goal: [workout] On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and Sub Goal: To burn 1750 calories per week [2150], I fear that this knee injury might lead to problems this week.

Be a Good ROWer
I was a good ROWer. I did indeed do my Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit 2 5 (or more) blogs per on Sunday check-ins that I’m not subscribed to and Edited (5/3) Sub Goal: Visit the blogs each on Sunday’s check-in that I am subscribed to.

My (mostly now gone) Cuban pastries!!!

My (mostly now gone) Cuban pastries!!!

Make It Up To the WIPpeteers
I did figure out how to make WIPpet and my life mesh.  I’ll be posting WIPpets the last Wednesday of every month and then using the rest of the Wednesdays to visit everyone.  So, I continued to work on Sub Goal: One last awesome snippet from ALCHEMY Done (4/15) and another round of visits. I’ll visit again next this Wednesday and then find something to share with everyone.


Other Things Of Note
On Tuesday, I took my husband out on a lunch date and we cheated on our diet.  Oh, the glorious carbs!  When we got back we started our veggie garden and sorted our compost.  On Thursday, the jerk (who lives at the bar and never puts his dogs on leashes) walked and yelled as his dogs came after me and my dogs.  (He never shows urgency and he never learns as they have done this to my dogs and my kids numerous times over years.)  I had a horrifying moment when my dog slipped out of his collar and I felt like the worst owner in the world.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  But, my dog running/walking route changed because of this (as it was I avoided going at certain times in hopes of avoiding this) and I’m looking into getting the collar slipping dog a harness.  Today, I’m enjoying Cuban pastries that were shipped to me by my stepmommy and father.  For Mother’s Day my husband and kids got me a waffle maker.  I made chocolate cake waffles! Nom, nom, yum, yum!

To Stay On Track
In a perfect world, I’ll be finished with the freelance by Tuesday.  I’ll resume ALCHEMY’s read through for fixes once that is out of my hands.  Because of the freelance, I’m not sure I’ll make that (made by me) deadline for ALCHEMY, but I’ll try to get as close as I can.  I should be finish reading THE SEIGE this week/before deadline.

Have any tips or tricks to help my knee heal faster?
Got any jerk neighbors like me?  Feel free to rant.  I totally understand!

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6 thoughts on “My Knee, Cuban Pastries, and the Rest of My Week – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. It’s been a while since I visited, Gloria. I love the new background. Sounds like a good week all around, except for the jerky neighbour part. Either ice or heat to the knee, I always forget and have to ask, but I think if it’s swollen, than ice it. ~Sending healing vibes~

    • It indeed has been a while. So nice to see you! 🙂

      Thank you for the vibes. I really want my knee better fast! The crazy part is that for all the pain (which reaches intense levels) there isn’t really any swelling. With just two days of rest I’ve already seen a great improvement. However, I can tell it isn’t time to resume normal activity just yet.

  2. My husband had a similar knee injury–I think his was called runner’s knee. The best thing he did was to take a break from his usual jogging routine and give it time to heal. Pushing through an injury like that can do more harm than good. I hope yours heals quickly!

    We used to have a neighbor who owned a pug that seemed to always slip out of its collar and attack my dog. She was never seriously injured, but it was obvious that it hurt. The owner didn’t seem too bothered by this at all. So I get where you’re coming from. Ugh.

    • It’s nice to have a name for it! 😀 I’m doing my best to not treat my knee horribly. I’m just doing yoga and dog walks this week (knee bandaged up as I walk). However, it is frustrating. I’m just starting not to totally hate running. I’m afraid how much I’ll backslide. But, better backsliding than needing surgery!

      How can people not freak out when their dogs are not secure? Seriously, that’s when the baddest things happen (like cars, attacks, or being lost). It isn’t just about LEASH laws or protecting innocent people, but the dog’s safety.

  3. Those pastries look yummy! And it sounds like you had some great family time–that’s more important than writing, and you still made good progress. Hope your knee feels better soon (sorry, no advice).

    • They were the yummiest pastries! 🙂 The knee is taking its time, but I know it has to get better eventually! After all, my elbow sure did! (That was winter’s injury.)

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