Bloggy Type Things

Summer here.

Summer is Coming!

My blogging schedule currently looks like this:
Sunday – ROW80 Check-In
Wednesday – Whatever I Can Come Up With -or- WIPpet Wednesday
Friday – Free Cover

ROW80 Check-In will never change.  If it does change, it will be to Wednesdays or that this blog ending.  Me not doing ROW80 is me basically quitting writing.

Everything else?  Well, change happens.

Let’s start with WIPpet Wednesdays.  I have this thing about being part of communities.  I will not be a leech.  I have to give back/be involved.  However, I’m the world’s slowest reader, which makes it hard for me to visit back all the wonderful WIPpeteers in a week’s time.  So, my current plan is to post last Wednesday of every month and then use the rest of those weeks to find time to visit everyone.

Friday – Free Cover is not a permanent staple and will end on the 22nd.  For the 29th I’m thinking of doing a quick summary and review of the comics and graphic novels I digested by that point.  And then June through August I’ll be dropping Friday blog posts, because summer.

SAM_0563Summer bloggy times will look like this:
Sunday – ROW80 Check-In
Wednesday – Whatever I Can Come Up With -or- WIPpet Wednesday

That’s more blogging than I did last summer!

Now here’s why I’m talking about this now.  See most Wednesdays ranges from writery to lifey type stuff.  It literally is “Whatever I Can Come Up With.”  Lately, this has been hard for me.  I’m considering doing a few “series” to test out how something might go.  And I’m thinking these won’t be writing related either.  I’ll be using the rest of this month and some summer posts to play with this idea. Some ideas I’m considering are lists (like my top 5 _____), DIYs (from pet stuff to crafts), and Tv Show By Episode/Movie Reviews.

If this works out, I think my fall schedule will look like this:
Monday – Non-Writing Topic
Wednesday –  ROW80 Check-In -&/or- WIPpet Wednesday
Friday – Writing Topic -or- Reading Review(s)

If it doesn’t work out?  I’ll figure that out later, I guess.

What Non-Writing Topics should I talk about?
How does summer impact your writing life?

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4 thoughts on “Bloggy Type Things

  1. Hey, at least you HAVE a blogging schedule! Me, I just blog pretty much whatever strikes my fancy at the time. Funny story? Blog it! Cool picture? Blog it! Odd test results? Blog it! Good day, bad day, indifferent day? Blog it. Unless I have something like the A to Z challenge, to give me a course of prompts, I pretty much have no subject for any regular blog series. I do try to blog at least once each day, about whatever, but I hadn’t even been doing that for the past, oh, week? I even have it on my calendar and my phone reminds me every day. 12:30, time to blog. Then, of course, I have to find something to blog about. You, though, you have your topics set out ahead of time, or at least the KIND of post you’ll write. That’s great! 🙂

    • My son is autistic, so my life has become a series of schedules. And I find as much comfort int hem as he does. So, even if I say “no schedule” or “whenever” for stuff, I always end up having a schedule. I keep trying to just blog as I want (maybe 1 set post at most), but I always fall into a schedule.

      • An autistic kid would explain the scheduling, then, yeah. Structure is so important in their lives, more than even for non-spectrum kids. We think my brother’s kids are somewhere near the high end of the spectrum, but getting the insurance to pay for the tests is difficult. Grrrr.

  2. I had the same problem with WIPpet Wednesdays. I simply couldn’t make it to all of the blogs and felt guilty, so I’m taking a break. I like your idea about still participating once a month, though.

    As far as non-writing topics, your animals seem really important to you, so animal/pet parent related blog posts could work. I also enjoy hearing what fellow bookworms are reading. Hope these suggestions help!

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