Ch-cha-changes – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80I finally have interesting things to talk about!

For starters, yesterday I allowed myself to indulge in cake.  See, my friend (Former Basement Troll) has his birthday this week, so when he came to visit I gave him some glazed doughnut muffins (extras from Friday’s cheat dinner) and the cake of his choice (tiramisu).  It was a token of “thanks for surviving another year of life and being our friend.”  Two days of baking yummy, new-to-me things was fun!

That last thing didn’t interfere with my usual writing stuff, but this next bit did.  See, my other friend didn’t want a stranger in his house, so he asked me if in the afternoon, Monday through Friday, I could take his elderly dog out (to stretch his doggy legs and do his doggy business).  Of course I said yes.  (And you’re not surprised either, I know.)  But, that said, this doggy moment is during my usual writing time and there have been ripples in my routine.  I just let this week happen to see how bad it was and next week I’ll start adjusting.


Years ago I made the same friend this cake.

Last note worthy things are goal related.  I finished HAMSTER draft 2 on Wednesday. Thursday should have been my day off, but I ended up starting a (currently two page) synopsis for GRANDMA, because I forgot to do that when setting up all the query stuff for it.  (D’OH!)  I’ve been working on that since.  I hope to have it polished by today or tomorrow.  And, lastly, I had to adjust my reading goal regarding JEM issue #2 because it doesn’t come to my local comic shop until the 29th.  So I just listed the issues by month rather than date, because things are not entirely in my control here.

And now, my recently active goals:

Work On Writing (Almost) Everyday
Sub Goal: HAMSTER Read through for fixes (4/11 – 4/22) Started (4/10) & Done (4/15)
and Draft 2 (4/24 – 4/29) Started (4/17) & Done (4/22)
Added Goal: GRANDMA Synopsis (added 4/23) 

Read Lots
Sub Goal: THE SIEGE (4/24 – 5/17) Started (4/16)
Sub Goal: JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ISSUE #2 (April), #3 (May), & #4 (June)
Sub Goal: Get in extra reading 2 times a week. 0/2

Sub Goal: On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 5/5
Sub Goal: To burn 1750 calories per week. 1860

Be a Good ROWer
Sub Goal: Visit 2 (or more) blogs per check-in that I’m not subscribed to. 1/2
Sub Goal: Visit the blogs each check-in that I am subscribed to. As Sub Goal above… So here.

I think I’m going to use the time between finishing the synopsis and ALCHEMY read through (5/1) to sort my schedule so it once again works.  I’ll also use it to catch up on reading and maybe a bonus goal or two.

Tell me your favorite cake flavor and decorations!
What’s your favorite comic?

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9 thoughts on “Ch-cha-changes – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Yeah…things throw off the schedule, but it looks like you’ve stayed on top of most of it, which is great! You have a lot of goals, girly!

    hmm and cheesecake, New York style. We had it at my wedding instead of cake because I don’t like cake very much.

    • It was very hard accepting how things got thrown off course. However, it had to happen and I had to let it happen so I could fix it. Good thing I’m in between projects. Couldn’t have come at a better time.

      A couple months back I made a NY style cheesecake that took three and a half pounds of cream cheese. IT WAS AWESOME! Love cheesecake! 🙂

  2. Cheesecake is pretty high up there… made by the nuns of New Skete abby; I love a good tiramisu, but so many people just toss coffee-dipped lady fingers around flavored whipped cream (forget the marscapone… which I love, but most places don’t use).

    I’d have to say though that my favorite desert of late has been a Strawberry Neapolitan with English Creme.

    I didn’t know there was a Jem & the Holograms comic (I probably should have… or rather, I probably shouldn’t have because now I need to get it)… My favorite comic: Grimjack was my favorite; I need a new one now.

    Now… how are you going to work in that writing time when there are puppies to walk?

    • The tiramisu cake was cover in a faux marscapone (vanilla yogurt, cream cheese, and powdered sugar) that was close to the real thing and very yum. I’ve never made a real tiramisu, as I’ve always been a bit intimidated by it. This cake was the closest I was willing to come to trying to make it.

      JEM is published by IDW and issue 2 comes out Wednesday, in other words, the series is just starting. So, it is an awesome (not to mention easy) time to jump in on it. 🙂 Here’s a link to the comic’s page so you can get more info:

      Honestly, I’ve been stealing bits and corners of my writing time. This just made it so I had to face it. If I stop letting my dog walks go until 10am and wasting another thirty minutes not writing as I drink coffee… Not to mention a few tweaks that I still need to figure out… I should be able to make up the lost time. Maybe?

      • Hmmm, vanilla yogurt, cream cheese… maybe. Could work (and definitely cheaper).

        You’re an evil woman sending me links to comic books. Of course, you should see my son with the My Little Pony graphic novels.

        You sound like me with Candy Crush Saga

        • IDW seems to have the Hasbro licenses. Lots of good stuff there! I was tempted by the MLP Fienship is Magic line myself, but I’m trying to keep my comic habits reined in. 😉

  3. Considering you allowed yourself to have cake, you are still rockin’ those fitness goals. Kudos! Would that I would do as well.

    So, favourite cake flavour . . . cheesecake is #1 and chocolate truffle cake is #2. While I don’t have cake often, when I do, I don’t even wanna know the “nutritional facts.” 😀

    I’m not a comic person, but I was a very, very, very, very long time ago. 😉

    Always fun to pop by for a visit. Until next time . . .

    • Cheesecake seems to be a big favorite all around! If ROW80 ever had a convention, they’d better serve some. 😉

      I am proud of myself for sticking with my exercise goals. However, as I face this doggy time issue, I am realizing I’m not working out smart (going for a walk when I should be jogging). And that there is where I think the solution to my doggy walk issue lies. 🙂

      To be honest, I am jut getting into American comics. I’ve been a manga (Japanese comics) fan for years, but their long runs get exhausting. I’m lucky to have found a couple of comics I can jump in issue 1 recently.

      • My daughter and Son #2 are big manga fans. There are some American anime series they like, but I think they’re primarily interested in the Japanese manga. My daughter is a manga-esque illustrator. 🙂

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