Yes, I’m Still Listening and Writing To K-Pop

If you didn’t know, my favorite music to write to comes from Korea.  (Also Japan, but it is mostly Korean stuff I listen to these days.) I used to share music on Mondays and even created a YouTube playlist of those songs.  However, I stopped doing those posts and I haven’t added anything new to the playlist in a while.

I’m not going to lie.  Part of it is I found less time to be up to date on new releases.  (Though, I know my favorite K-Pop group, BIG BANG, will be finally having a comeback really soon!  WOOOT!)  Plus… I tend to replay the same songs, as the familiarity helps me stay focused on my writing.

However, some “new” (as in not on my writing playlist) songs have been playing on as I write.  I decided to share a few today.

MAMACITA by Super Junior

This song was released after Leetuk returned from mandatory military service.  Now Shingdong is off to do his service.  I hope they do a cool song like this when he gets back.  A Korean take on the Old West. (Why is there a car and a bull fighter?)

WITCH by Boyfriend

This released around Halloween.  Like I said, not new, new.  But, you can tell the time of year because of the Urban Fantasy/Monsters theme.  The dance is neat with the “magician curtains.”


I had to put some thing in Japanese and a BIG BANG member somewhere in this post, right?  So I picked this song by Daesung (or as he’s known in Japan, D-Lite).  This video is hilarious!

Share a song you write to in the comments!
Which video did you like best?

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