So, I failed. Now what?

Some may recall before the holidays I tried to launch a small ebook cover business.  I made some historical romance covers, opened an etsy shop, and offered my creations for just $10.

I even tagged this to the end of a few of my posts hoping...

I even tagged this to the end of a few of my posts.

To be honest, I didn’t do it expecting big bucks.  I went into it hoping to sell just one.  Well, I sold none.

Yes, I failed.

Now, don’t think I’m sad or disappointed.  I’ve failed a lot in life.  Story rejections.  Projects gone wrong.  Tripping and nearly being dragged home by my husky.  Fails happen!

You know what else happens?  Trying again or trying something different.  Because the fails don’t matter so much as the trying.  When I stop trying…  Well, that’s the most horrible thing of all.  Failing?  That’s nowhere near as bad as giving up.  (At least in my book.)

Anyways…  What now?

I mean, I have seven quite nice (if I do say so myself) ebook covers.  I considered using them myself, but I’m at a loss for how.  (I love to read historical romance, but I don’t write it.)  So what’s left to do?

Give them away.

Seriously.  That’s my plan.  See, I’d rather see them used.  I put effort into making them and the thought of it being wasted…  I’d rather give someone a nice cover for free than let it sit forgotten on my hard drive.

Starting Friday, for the next seven weeks, expect a free covered featured on my blog.  Because, why not?

Do you have a fail philosophy?
What was your last risky venture?

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4 thoughts on “So, I failed. Now what?

  1. Try selling them on Fiverr, too! Or post in forums? They are lovely, and it’d be a shame to see them go to waste.

    • Thank you for calling them lovely. 🙂

      You do have a point about Fiverr… I think I even considered that once. I have no clue why I didn’t.

      The forums I think would be no different than my current plan of just offering them for free on Fridays. Because I am so serious about giving them away for free. I agree it would be a waste for them not to be used.

      Thing is, I really don’t mind giving them away for free. I had fun making them and trying this venture. Seeing them used right now is payment enough for me. 😉

      • I’ll bet if you gave them away for free and only asked for feedback in return, so you could build up a bit of a “customer” base, that’d work, too? Look at me, pretending I know something. lol Either way, good luck! 🙂

        • You’ve definitely given me some thought food. Though, for now, I think I’ll stick with my current plan. (Besides, I scheduled the blog posts already!)

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