Because I Am Editing…

You know I’m into K-pop, right?  “If you ain’t know, now you know”- FOLLOW ME by 2NE1.

Do you know what 2NE1 fans are called?  Blackjacks.  If I were a fan of U-Kiss, you’d call me a “Kiss Me.”  And don’t think it is just for groups, because Jay Park’s fans are jaywalkerz.

I’ve noticed literary fandoms tie to titles (e.g. Potterheads and Twihards) not authors.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I think I might have considered this before, but this time… I want to actually act on it.  So, can I change that?

Would it be weird, before I really have fans, to start a fandom name?  (BTW, this is indeed how they do it in K-Pop.)

What if I say it could help?

See my last name is Weber.  How are you pronouncing that?  Wee-bur, like the street in Toronto, Canada? Web-er, like the grill?

Answer: It’s like the grill.

And, do you hear it?  It has built in imagery. Web!  As in spider webs!  I can redo the website to match.  I can give 4 out of 5 webs (I’m sure Wingdings or Webdings has this in there, so it will be super easy to make the images.)

As for a fandom/reader group name?

Not spiders.  Nope.  Not here.  I hate spiders.

I’m thinking something like Websters (like the dictionary, to tie it all to words… see what I did there)?  Weblings (Web-ling)?  Webbies (singular Webby)?  Webheads (Paul suggested that one)? Weavers?  Honestly I’m not sure what to call it.  Though, not Bugs or Flies.  Even though I’d love to capture readers, I’d like it not to sound like I’m a cannibal.

Also, regarding webs, I can take it even further into my “branding.”  I do a real cool spider web eye make up (seen here).  I have a spider web choker…  Around Halloween they put out fabric I can use as accents, or actually sew something out of.

I could really do this up.

“Wow, this is sudden and random,” says a yet to be named fan.

“I’m supposed to be editing,” I answer.  My thoughts are in procrastination mode!  Did I mention the ideas for chibis with webs designed to represent my different sides and my stories?

Look… I am procrastinating, but I am also a bit serious.  Very serious, even.

Tagline: “Weaving words to capture your imagination.”

Talk me out of it.
Talk me into it.

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