What I’ve Been Doing

JemI’ve become trained to report on my activities on Sundays, thanks to ROW80.  Not a terrible thing.  However, it is between rounds at the moment.  So officially I don’t have to.  However as a creature of habit (and a creature that takes comfort in habit) I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to.

Regarding writing, I’m currently working on the final polish for GRANDMA.  Sometime today, I’ll be working on my 4th chapter.  According to my schedule, I’ll be working on this until April 5th.  So, Round 2 will be starting just in time for me to start the final phase of this project.

As for reading, I finished CHARMED: LUCK BE A LADY ahead of schedule and started reading GONE WITH THE WITCH.  I’m ahead of where I should be according to schedule on that.  I also read issue #1 of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS.  Jem was part of my childhood and I’m glad to see the update they are doing.  And I do keep that it is updated in mind as I read, because there’s no way it could stay so 80’s and be good.

Along with more time for reading, I’ve resumed my various studies.  I have spiritual studies, which I don’t talk about openly.  Regarding spirituality, I just view it as a very personal thing, like my lady parts.  Now, onto less uncomfortable stuff…  I’ve also been studying to hone my craft by reviewing/refining my grammar.  And I’m back to studying Japanese.  I feel so lost in the book I’m in that I started it over, but I’m going through it super fast since I know everything already.

In exercise, I’ve been thinking about an increase to my calories burnt.  How the best way to do it is.  However, I’m waiting for the start of the next round to start that.  There’s a reason, as you’ll see in my plan for the week.

Anyways, the plan for the week… The kids are on spring break, so that means a family activity daily.  There’s some good weather in store, so maybe we’ll get out to the state park.  Some crafting will happen too.  And even with that, I hope to stick to my main reading and editing goals during that time.  Studying might go back burner again.  That is definitely something I’ll need to workout for summer (so it doesn’t happen).

Was Jem part of your childhood?
What have you been up to?

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