When I Use Spreadsheets

SpreadsheetLast week I talked about my DIY white board for managing my writing projects.  I mentioned then that keeping a spreadsheet of my projects didn’t work for me.  However, keeping spreadsheets for other things does work for me.

For various reasons, I use Google Drive to do my spreadsheets.  These sheets are for more than just writing.  I have one for exercising (tracking when, what, & calories burned).  But, most are for writing like the one I use to track when, on what, and how many words I wrote.

Of all my spreadsheets, the one I’m proudest of is my Chapter Book Agent spreadsheet.  I put a lot of work into that sucker!  Finding chapter book agents is a nightmare and a ton of work (compared to adult fantasy), so when I did find them, I wanted that information easily accessible to me (for the chapter book I’m shopping around now and future ones).

Now, your mileage may vary, but you might find how I organized my information useful. (If you’re in the market for an agent that is.)  So here’s my set up:
Column 1 – Agent’s Name
Column 2 – Literary Agency Name
Column 3 – Link to Query/Submission Guidelines
Column 4 – Date Sent
Column 5 – Expect Reply By (if they don’t have reply time listed I do 6 months)
Column 6 – Follow Up Date (if they encourage follow ups at a certain time)
Column 7 – Which Query I Used (I have more than one)
Column 8 – Notes (Like “no reply means no” or “form to submit” and wait times)
Column 9 – Replies (when received or waiting time for “no reply means no” is over)

What do you use spreadsheets for?
Is there something you created for your writing (that’s not writing) that you’re proud of?

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