How Did I Do Round 1? (#ROW80)

ROW80This round had me figuring out the difference between technically can do and really can do.  I think my new patterns are ironing themselves out and that will mean a smoother Rounder 2.  Not that Round 1 was terrible… or bad.  There were bumps, but generally it was good to me.

Outline and Write ALCHEMY – DONE!
I wanted the outline done by 1/20. I wanted to then take a break and start draft 1 on 2/13.  And I wanted to finish the 80k draft by 3/31.
Reality had me finishing the outline on 1/9 (ahead of schedule).  I continued to be ahead of schedule and started writing 2/4.  My draft fell short and came to 57k on 3/20.

New Floor

New Bathroom Floor!!!

These edits would happen 1/21 to 2/12.
Because of the outline that got done early, I started this 1/11 and finished 2/2.

Read More – DONE!
During the round, I scheduled myself to read: I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT, THE SECRET DIARY OF LIZZIE BENNET, and KNIT ONE, KILL TWO.
I did indeed read all of those.  Additionally, I read and finished GAMER GIRL and my friend’s manuscript.  I started, but have yet to finish CHARMED: LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT.

Fitting in extra stuff where I can.
My side reading (things I sneak in when I can) consisted of the e-book MURDER BY THE SEASIDE, Marvel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, ANIMAL FARM, and YUREI ATTACK!  The only one I finished was the Marvel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.  I have just been reading the others very slowly.

My desk area after I reorganized it.

My desk area after I reorganized it. (Twice.)

Be a Good ROWer – O.K.
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow.
I’d say a C+, if I have a generous teacher B-.  I did well until this month.

Be Healthy – Very Good!
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout
Next Round, I think I’ll be less specific about what on which day.  I did a good job honoring the exercise days, but not always following it to the letter of the goal.

Stick to Eating Plan
I had a few rough spots.  Over all, I usually did well on this.  I think I earned a B- (generous teacher might even say B+).

Be Summer 2012 Weight by end of round
This goal might have been a hard one from the start.  To break it down, I had 10 pounds to lose.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, right?  But, that would make my total weight loss 25 pounds.  I’m in the slowing down, hitting bumps phase.  I lost 6 of those pounds and I’m at 21 pounds lost total.  So, I didn’t make my goal, but I made progress.


My little Duke of Evil.

Other Things I Did This Round
I installed a new bathroom floor.
I did crafts with my kids during their many snow days.
I reorganized my desk.
Took part in the cover reveal for TORN by Kate Sparkes (Out 3/31!)
Got a birthday hamster.

I have my writing/reading schedule figured through mid-May, which means I know what I want to do between rounds: I hope to put the final polish on GRANDMA and finish that CHARMED book.  I would try to do more, but the kids’ have spring break next week.  I’ll reveal the rest of the schedule/hopes and perhaps try out a new prioritizing method start of next round.

Did you forget you were running laundry?
(Yup, I did. Just randomly remembered now.)
So, how are you?

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4 thoughts on “How Did I Do Round 1? (#ROW80)

  1. Great progress this round! Congrats. All the best in the next round.

  2. I am good. Had a rough couple of weeks from the finish of The Mousetrap to now, but getting back in the saddle.

    Murder by the Seaside is really good. I need to delve into the next two book in the series, but I got distracted my Mr. Gaiman 🙂

    See you in Round 2.

    • Yay for getting back in the saddle! Sometimes I find getting back into a routine is harder than starting a new one.

      I agree that MURDER BY THE SEASIDE is good. It is just that I was reading on my phone until I had to factory reset it… I just haven’t downloaded the kindle app on it since then and I like reading on the couch, not my computer (desktop). So, it sits neglected.

      Wishing luck early for Round 2!

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