Why I am late with my #ROW80 check-in…

The only day I did well was the day I bribed myself. If I got everything done by 1pm I could go to the library discarded book/$1 bag fundraiser.  I came home with all of this!

The only day I did well was the day I bribed myself. If I got everything done by 1pm I could go to the library discarded book/$1 bag fundraiser. I came home with all of this for $1!

When I was growing up, my parents had an exercise bike in their bedroom.  When I was a kid, sometimes I’d play with it.  I’d pedal as hard as I could to see how high I could get the speedometer needle to go.  I’d see how far I could get in a minute.  Most of the time, I pressed the tension/resistance as far as I could and then use all my might to make that wheel go.  By might, I mean all my weight, bouncing with both feet on one pedal.

My life currently is like that exercise bike.  That wheel is moving, but the tension is on high and I’m having to bounce on the pedal to keep it going.  But, I want to point out, the wheel is moving.  It may not be smooth.  It may not be steady.  It may be taking everything I got.  But, it is moving.

So, I’ve been triaging.  What’s more important: writing a blog post or getting new words on my manuscript? I’ve also been sacrificing.  While I write each day, I only made my word count goal once last week.  And I’ve been a crappy ROWer and WIPpeteer not visiting anybody, because stuff had to give.  It reminds me about thinking about priority levels with my goals.  Next round, I might have to institute that.

Anyways… GOALS!

ROW80Outline and Write ALCHEMY
Finish 3/31 (after round ends) I wanted this to be 80k. I’m not sure it will even be 60k.  (I should hit 50k this afternoon.)  That’s why it’s been hard to write this.  I’ve been trying to extend it (naturally), but am feeling like I am facing a losing battle.  I keep telling myself “I’ll fix it in the next draft,” but still… Feels and logic don’t always mesh.

Read More
Read friend’s Manuscript 2/23 – 3/30 (after round ends – added 2/23) I have 100 pages to go. I should be done on time, if not this week.

Be a Good ROWer
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow.  I already said I failed at this.  I just couldn’t face people doing better than me.

Be Healthy
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout Monday & Wednesday – Yes. Thursday, I wore a turtleneck to do my 3 miles and only made it 2.  Friday – yes.  Saturday – no as I had indigestion the night before and workout time became get more sleep time.
Stick to Eating Plan Saturday was full of bad eating.

To be honest, I’m not sure this week is going to be any better.  Right now, my only goal is to hit that 50k mark by the end of the day so I can take tomorrow off.  Then tomorrow, my goal is to hit the hardware store for home improvement stuff (caught wind of a few awesome sales) and price some items for future purchase.

When things get tough for you, what gets neglected?
How do you get your feels to align with your logic?

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8 thoughts on “Why I am late with my #ROW80 check-in…

  1. I am not so sure the label bad eating is your friend…It may just be the double do dare from the person inside who wants you to eat mindlessly and then call it bad…hard to say…it is not the eating per se..but the awareness at the time that will help you make a change.

    • I didn’t eat mindlessly. In fact, I don’t mindlessly eat, period. I stood before the food and told myself I shouldn’t and then did anyways. It was all refusing to use willpower and not doing what I should. I paid for it that night with indigestion. Though, I think my willpower was low because the night before that I also had indigestion as well and I slept poorly.

      • Is the same character saying shouldn’t and eating it too? Mindless was a poor choice. Not fully conscious of the entire situation might be better. Since you are a wordsmith I wonder what you would call it….. Rebellious?

        • Rebellious to me means I was out to go against the grain with something to prove. Bad impulse control might be the best way to describe it, Like seeing a sign that says don’t touch, but still touching because you think you can get away with it or you gotta know how it feels. You know you shouldn’t, but you do it anyways.

  2. I know about those bad impulses. I’m trying to go gluten free (again) yet keep buying the special bread I love. You’re writing, you’re moving forward. Good to celebrate. Sometimes we just have to accept that and keeping slogging along.

    • I figured if I can’t have perfect I can at least have dedication and progress. However, while I feel I’m settling, I’m also feeling worn after it all, so I know I’m working hard.

  3. I am overly hard on myself when I miss a goal or can’t quite finish a project on time. Even when I remind myself that life happens, I still feel horrible. But, I pull myself up and sojourn on, fine something I can finish (maybe a small project) and complete it. That gets my self-esteem up and then I can tackle other projects/goals/etc.

    Having directed a show, I know I was going to lose writing productivity, and then I got sick and it snow balled. I still find the things I can accomplish, like last week was housework. I did dishes, vacuumed, swept, mopped, laundry, etc and that made me feel better and gave me a more positive attitude with which to accomplish other reading and/or writing goals.

    Hang tight!! ~Sending you some extra energies this week~

    • Thank you very much! Finishing something is definitely a mood booster for sure. For me the more neglected (like procrastinated projects) the bigger the boost.

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