A Quick Summary of My Week – #ROW80 Check-In

I liked this one the least of all.

I liked this one the least of all.

As a writer, I want to be the best I can be.  Sometimes, I’m not ready to be that good even if I want it very badly.  Monday night, I realized this and explained it as “I just learned to dog paddle and jumped in the deep end.” (Again, I’d like to point out I meant that metaphorically.)  So, I took a couple of days off from writing (Tuesday and Wednesday) and approached it with a new attack plan Thursday.  This time, every time I hit a 10k mark (20k, 30k, and so on), I get the next day off.  I should be finishing around the same time as I planned even with this change.

Tuesday, I watched a bunch of season 1 episodes of NUMB3RS.  I had loved that show when it came out, but it was on at a bad time for me.  So, I’m working my way through it.  Wednesday, I spent it trying to get a leg up on my friend’s manuscript.  I hate that I’m so slow and am doing my best to get it back to her sooner.  And since Friday I hit 40k in ALCHEMY, I took the time to get ahead on reading that manuscript on Saturday too.

As of Thursday, I have been trying to get my kids used to a new schedule.  See they used a lot of snow days.  So, they decided to add one day to the end of the school year and extend the school day.  School starts 5 minutes earlier (which means they need to be ready for the bus five minutes earlier) and lasts 15 minutes longer.  And I’d say I prefer this over last years 15 minutes earlier and 15 minutes later (5 minutes is easier to manage).

And all this week, I really missed my yoga class!  If you follow my blog you would see reviews of videos that just didn’t do it for me.  My instructor turned me into a picky yoga person.  Guess that means she does something very right. Kudos to her!

ROW80~*~ ~*~ ~*~ My Active Goals ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

Outline and Write ALCHEMY
Finish 3/31 (after round ends) Half way done at 40,081

Read More
Read friend’s Manuscript 2/23 – 3/30 (after round ends – added 2/23) Ahead of schedule and trying to get this back sooner than planned!

Be a Good ROWer
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow. I can’t remember… I think Sunday check-in yes, but definitely no on Wednesday’s.  I was still stressed.

Be Healthy
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout I exercised on all those days, but didn’t follow that exact plan.
Stick to Eating Plan I cheated all week.  Mostly healthy cheating like peanut butter and raisins.  Still, it was cheating.

This week things should be more normal.  The kids’ new schedule start the Friday.  Also on Friday the library is doing that $1 bag of books.  I kind of want to look at my pile of doom and see if I can convince myself I should buy more.  (It is for a good cause, after all… I MUST OWN ALL THE BOOKS!)

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3 thoughts on “A Quick Summary of My Week – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Picky yoga person is much better than competitive yoga person…

  2. NUMB3RS was a good show. Interesting thing about it was that David Krumholz, who played the math genius, didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying, but Dylan Bruno, who played one of the FBI agents that supposedly didn’t understand math, has a degree in mechanical engineering. That was a very strong cast; I particularly liked Judd Hirsch as the father and Peter MacNicol as the other professor.

  3. BUY ALL TEH BOOKS!!! DO EEET!! I am the same way, whether at a book sale, or a used book store. 🙂

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