More Adventures in Video Yoga

My yoga instructor is away on vacation.  This means, I need a new way to get my yoga on.  Since it took all my courage to join my current yoga class, I have none to spare to try another one.  That’s why I’m turning to what’s available through my Amazon Prime Membership!  That’s the background.  Here’s today’s experiment:

Approx. 53  minutes (A little longer than the class I take)

Why did I picked it?  The yoga class I take is for beginners, so it sounded like a good fit.  Also, it said easy and I was a little sore from Monday’s experiment.  Additionally it had a good star rating (four and then some).

What was good about it? The music.The instructor, Christine Wushke, in this reminded me a bit of my instructor.  She tried deepening the experience, focusing on breathing, reminding to keep things soft, and all the things that turn off my mind and be in the now of my yoga practicing.  The positions were definitely beginner friendly and the fact she said how blocks could be used at certain parts and showed with and without the blocks was cool.

What was bad about it? Her verbal instructions were sometimes lacking.  She was so busy deepening the yoga she’d forget to say stop or switch.  And while I was glad to get use out of my yoga blocks, there was other equipment I needed (a wall and blankets) I was not warned I’d need.  So, I had to scramble during my practice to find wall space that would work and blankets, stealing some of the calm the practice is supposed to provide.

After Monday, I felt a bit doomed.  After this, I have more hope.  If I run across another video with Christine Wushke I’d likely try it.  Since I haven’t found my go-to virtual instructor, I think I’m going to keep trying people out for the rest of the week for my workouts.  Expect another update tomorrow!

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