WIPpet Wednesday: Tammas

Mini Update
On Sunday I raised my daily word count goal from 1,000 to 1,500.  It has been rough, but I’ve been making it.  The struggle with the words had me a little down in the dumps.  However, I think I turned things around yesterday (daydreaming might have been the answer).  Or it could just be that I promised myself a day off next week if I got 2,000 words ahead of schedule.

~ *~  * ~ * ~

WIPpetWedWhat’s WIPpet Wednesday?
Wednesday is for the day of the week I (and others) share a WIPpet.  The word WIPpet is the joining of the word snippet with the acronym WIP, which stands for Work In Progress.  Using the date to conjure up a math formula, WIPpeteers (the group of people that share WIPpets) figure out how much to share.

My WIPpet Math
The date is 2/18/15.  For the page I’ll use the month: 2 and for the amount we’ll add the rest for sentences: 1 + 8 + 1 + 5 = 15. (Or I could have just taken the year for that last bit.)

What’s My WIPpet?
Again I share from ALCHEMY, my cozy mystery fantasy.

Last week I asked who everyone wanted to meet next.  Luga got one vote (she was my favorite), Rik got one vote, and Tammas got two.

Edit: All excerpts (and the whole piece) is from Ana’s point of view.  This is her first “encounter” with Tammas.  More are to come (in fact, I’m writing a scene him and see through fish today).

This Week’s WIPpet
I opened my mouth to try and move things along. However, I was caught off guard. Unlike the others who were stopping to watch, a man made his way through the crowd.

I immediately wanted to fix him. The one blue eye and one brown locked with my gaze just long enough to tempt me. Was it natural or a botched potion? I could take care of either. And if I did, he’d be handsomer than most nobles. Well, after I used a solution to remove those ink stains from his fingers. And, my… He was quite tall and lean. Nothing about him screamed brute. A rare type.

If I hadn’t known better, I would have guessed him for nobility. But, I did know better.

Want to give it a go or read the WIPpeteers’ works?
KL Schwengel runs the show.
Find the linkie on her page to read the WIPpets or join in.

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16 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Tammas

  1. kathils

    Hmm…intriguing. And why would he want to fix the one blue eye, one brown? And how does he know this tall. lean, already enticing fella isn’t nobility? Makes me all sorts of curious.

    • I realize now I might have caused confusion, so I made an edit to clarify. This is Ana’s first ever sighting of Tammas.

      And you ask good questions. I think when they finally speak, he asks her the very first one himself. (Not sharing the answer, though.) And the second one is a secret I slowly unravel through the tale along with some other stuff. 😉

  2. Iiiiiinteresting…

  3. Hahahahaha! This is great. “I immediately wanted to fix him.” Isn’t that what most women think when they see a guy who “needs” fixing. That’s why bad boys, exist, right? For women to fix. 😛 I know she’s going somewhere different with it, but it sure made me laugh. 😀

    And I want to know what it is she knows about him. Something shady, I’m guessing.

    • I won’t lie, I think that “fixing him” is a little bit of it. as (I hope I get across) he’s physically her type. Another part of it, I think is occupational conditioning. People wanting to look better are a good portion of her clientele.

  4. Oh my, he looks the mysterious stranger type… I can’t wait to find out more–like why she knows better! I do love that Ana’s job conditions her to look out for certain things and immediately set to work on them too, it says a lot about her.

    • Ana is very fun in that she is constantly motivated and doing. I am sadly not so much that myself. Being a better person through my character!

  5. Ooh, what does she know about him? I really enjoy the description, it makes him sound very sexy but not in an annoying, swoony way.

    • Okay, I’m totally “yay!” over here. I was totally out to make him sound handsome without going all beefcake knight. (He’s not a knight, just what I think the easy hottie to make in a fantasy is.)

  6. Tammas sounds yummy.. Though I disagree with Ana – I’d keep the eyes the way they were 😉

    • So glad he sounds yummy! As his eyes are inspired by my husky (whom I looked at while trying to decide his appearance) I’d have to agree. 😉

  7. I kind of like the idea of two different colored eyes – makes him a little unique.

  8. I love the “fix him” line! And I love the description, and the way she analyzes his appearance as a sort of go-around excuse to look at him. I want to know what she knows! He sounds intriguing.

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