Wins, Obstacles, and Goals – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80Wins for the Week
1) I bought my husband five golden, longfin danios.  Sadly, one died already, but they were a great Valentine’s present as we are watching what we eat.
2) He got me a book to help me with my writing, IT WAS THE BEST OF SENTENCES, IT WAS THE WORST OF SENTENCES.
3) We went to the bookstore and I got a nice little haul.  At the office supply store I got some cute post-it notes too.
4) I baked some super cute lemon cake with pink lemonade frosting cupcakes for my daughter’s class party, this past Friday.
5) I redid Duke’s tank theme to just be “bright colors” to go with his tubes.
6) Got DOWNTON ABBEY season 5 blu-ray!  I’ve been so sad about missing this since we got rid of cable.

DuketankObstacles for the Week
1) My husband was on vacation, so it wasn’t business as usual.  While I got everything I wanted to done (thanks mostly to his help), small things had to be let go (two workouts and extra reading).
2) Leftover icing (not just in the bowl, but a whole extra tub), a Subway gift card (6″ sub), and a pizza (meat lovers with bacon and cheese stuffed pretzel crust and extra cheese) were indulgences.

Active ROW80 Goals
Outline and Write ALCHEMY
Finish 3/31 (after round ends) Tiny bit ahead | Goal Amount for Week 7,000 ~ Actual Amount 7,824 | Goal Amount for Manuscript 11,000 ~ Actual Amount 12,023

Read More
GAMER GIRL 2/4 – 3/17 (added 2/4) On Track | Read through Chapter 11
Fitting in extra stuff where I can. Nope

Be a Good ROWer
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow. Did it!

Be Healthy
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout Monday and Wednesday Yoga Only | Thursday – Yes | Friday and Saturday No
Stick to Eating Plan Considering my husband was on vacation, not too bad. Not perfect, though.
Be Summer 2012 Weight by end of round Half way there!  According to my calculations February 9th was the midpoint, so hopefully this means I’ll manage it.

To Be On Track
I need 10,500 new words and a manuscript total of 22,500 (scheduled amount is 21,500).
I need to read though Chapter 16 of GAMER GIRL.
Tomorrow (Monday) the kids have off, so I’ll aim to exercise all five days, but not a perfect.
With no food holidays for the next month, eating should return to normal/good.

What did you get for Valentine’s Day?
Any DVD/Blu-ray releases got you excited?

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4 thoughts on “Wins, Obstacles, and Goals – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. We don’t make a big deal out of holidays, whether they’re big ones like Christmas or small ones like Valentine’s Day.

    Looks like you had an okay week.

    • I think a large portion of the holidays being a big deal in my household is equal parts me (I like breaking away from the every day) and the kids (with one still in elementary, where all these are party deals). Maybe one day they will matter less, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

  2. I’m impressed by how many goals your meeting while taking care of kids. I just got one little girl, and I’m excited when I remember to shower, read, and get a little drawing and writing done. Exercise has been practically forgotten.

    • With my kids in school (7th and 4th grade) and mostly self-sufficient, I’m not as needed as I once was. I remember the days you’re talking about. I do miss those days a little (them needing me more and wanting to be around me more), but I’m also grateful for having time to do the things I need/want to do. 🙂

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