Cold Slow – Weekly Summary – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80Talky bit is after the currently active goals…

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Outline and Write ALCHEMY
Start Draft 2/13 Started 2/4
Finish 3/31 (after round ends) Goal amount was 4,000. Current total is 4,196. On Track.

Edit 1/21 to 2/12 Started 1/11 and Finished 2/2

Read More
KNIT ONE, KILL TWO 2/27 – 3/26 (after round ends) Started 1/24 & Finished 2/3
GAMER GIRL 2/4 – 3/17 (added 2/4) Should be on chapter 6. I am on chapter 7. Ahead.
Fitting in extra stuff where I can. Not. At. All.

Be a Good ROWer
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow. Done!

Be Healthy
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout Monday 1.5 miles only. Wednesday yoga only. Thursday 1.5 miles only.  Friday and Saturday yes, as planned.
Stick to Eating Plan Yup!

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~


Me and my new WIP when it was nothing more than a blank page. My how they grow so fast!

Last Sunday, I woke up with a cold shared with me by my daughter.  I bought a box of tissues knowing it was going to be needed.  I also needed a nap, which I took (this would become a trend).  And before the night was done, school was canceled for the next day.

Monday, my cold got worse.  For the kids’ snow day craft, I phoned it in giving them engraving art kits.  Snow days means they cancel yoga, so I did a light workout, because I indulged too much my birthday week to skip it.  Despite my ick, I finished editing GRANDMA.  (I want to give this one last pass, probably backwards, to look for errors and things needing clean up.  Then I’ll be sending it out.)  I napped after accomplishing this.  Then I watched the entire six hour PRIDE AND PREJUDICE mini-series starring Colin Firth.  It was my junk food replacement (I really wanted junk food).

Tuesday, I took off from writing, as a reward for finishing GRANDMA, which was a blessing considering my cold.  I did nap, but I also read and finished KNIT ONE, KILL TWO.  At this point I started triaging housework.  Somethings just couldn’t happen with me having this cold.  I also changed Duke’s taming method (from flat hand to offering between fingers, held out because he started thinking I was food).

Wednesday, I went to yoga and skipped the mile because I sneezed that morning and got a bloody nose.  I wasn’t going to tempt fate and I was still not feeling good. I started my new WIP, ALCHEMY, and napped after making my word goal.  I started reading GAMER GIRL, which has one of the most painful (emotion it evokes via situations and good writing) opening chapters I’ve ever read.  I kept closing it going, “Oh, please don’t do that to her.  Oh, no.  This is cruel!”

Are you still reading this?
Then, thanks!  Sorry it is so long!

Thursday, was the first day I started feeling better, despite the fact Sunday’s box of tissues was empty by this day.  And I was better, because for the first time in the week I didn’t have to nap.  However, I still wasn’t well and that made it hard to get everything done.  I continued to triage my to do list, with writing being one of the most important things.  Also, my daughter informed me that she needed her new pants ready for the next day (I have to alter them, since she’s a growing girl).  So, one broken sewing needle later, that was done.  I sent off a card filled with stickers to a nine-year-old boy.  And then, I went through some drama.

Friday, I continued with Thursday’s trend of feeling better, but not 100%.  Cooked a pineapple cobbler. I let Duke put his face near my hand and he didn’t try to eat me (though it was the big, back part of my hand, not my chewable digits).  But, for some reason, I fell asleep on the couch around 7pm (return of the nap).

Saturday, I would say I am at 85% healthy.  I am now nipping and tucking my to do list so that I can face the upcoming week.  I wrote this post on this day after finishing my daily word goal.

This week, my husband is taking time off work to relax.  That means, things will be wonky once more.  However, I plan to write through it all.  With luck, ALCHEMY will be at 11k next check-in.  Reading and exercise might once again take a backseat, but family has priority (and we have places to and things to do with his time off).  Though, I always go to yoga (unless they cancel it). But, if I can squeeze one thing in, I’ll be trying to return to doing WIPpet Wednesdays (at least while I have a WIP to share).

How do you handle things when you’re sick?
What’s more important than writing to you?

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8 thoughts on “Cold Slow – Weekly Summary – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. A good week, except for the sick part and Guinea Pig drama, nonetheless. Huzzah fir finish the 3rd Draft! 🙂

    Here’s to an awesome and better week!!

    • I’m so glad to be done editing that! And I did it in a timely manner (usually that’s not the case). My new writing work method seems to be paying off for me. 🙂

      I think this week will be better for sure, with my husband home and all. Plus, we’re going to the pet stores!!! Instead of candy (since we’re trying to be healthy) I’m buying him fish for Valentine’s Day.

  2. So, this tween was chewing you out because you got the guinea pigs from her friend’s family? Sheesh…

    Everything looks great!

    • She was under the impression that one day, randomly, her friend’s mom just gave them to me. Of course that wasn’t the case and there were reasons (which I feel aren’t mine to say, as that it is the original family’s story) that the piggies were rehomed. Thankfully, that’s been all straightened out! Onto making happier memories with my piggies!!! 😀

      My goals are going well, for sure! It has been a while since it has been like this! Yaaaaay! 😉

  3. You made good progress on your goals despite being sick.

    Glad you were able to nap and rest up some. When I’m sick, I try to give myself permission to rest and recover. I find it speeds up the healing process. I get migraines, and as long as I have one, I don’t write. I figure the writing wouldn’t be any good anyway. Sometimes they go away in a few hours and I’m able to work. Other days they last the whole day and nothing gets done.

    Have a great week!

    • If I had been running a fever, then (maybe) I would have taken a break from writing. However, I’ll admit to being a bit hard on myself. On the other hand, I also am a terrible sick person. Sniffles can land me on the couch moaning and complaining. This time around, I was trying to find a balance between taking care of my ick and not being the wuss I normally am.

      I’m glad you take care of yourself and know your limits. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Even being sick you made great progress on your goasl. Here’s hoping your are feeling much better. I think just napping and taking care of yourself was the best thing you could have done. Watching Colin Firth had to have helped too! lol

    • Watching Mr Darcy (Colin Firth or otherwise) always does me good. 😉 I’m glad I managed what I managed and the resting sure did help. I’m much better now. Now, instead of a cold, the thing interrupting 100% perfect on my goals is my husband’s vacation. At least my to do list is remaining intact!

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