Weekly Summary – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80Last Sunday, I got everything I wanted to done (writing and housework).  I even had enough time to watch HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS.  But, that night I slept terribly as indigestion visited me again.

Monday, the night before wore me down horribly.  I almost skipped yoga, but didn’t.  I did skip my one mile run after it, though.  I managed to salvage my day and got tortured at night as my husband started parts of my birthday dinner (45 minutes to simmer the meat sauce for lasagna) and made my birthday cake.

Tuesday, was my 34th birthday.  I did my writing and housework as usual.  I also went and got my new hamster (and three neon tetras to keep Goblin King company).  And I had cake and ice cream!  In other words, a great day.

20150127_172216Wednesday, I had more cake…  In my defense it was carrot with cream cheese frosting.  Only haters can pass that up!  Though, the fact I skipped my mile (again) after yoga probably didn’t help my cause.  See, the son’s school called me while I was out and my running time was spent calling back to iron things out.

Thursday, a package from my father and step-mommy came.  Two trays of Cuban pastries (from my baby brother) were in that package.  My heritage has the worst food for you, but the yummiest!  All hopes of resuming normal eating were lost.  At least I did do my usual 3 miles that day.

Friday, was a snow day, so I didn’t exercise.  The kids painted some plant pots for our “craft of the day.”  I cleaned, edited, and waited for night to fall.  Because, the adjustment period for my hamster was over!  It was time to start taming/bonding.  I know this will be a long process and I want to do it right this time.

Saturday, is when I’m writing this.  It’s early afternoon and I’ve got the important stuff done: laundry is started, read a chapter of KNIT ONE, KILL TWO, and edited GRANDMA.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
(Active) Goals Version

20150127_115432GRANDMA Draft 3
Edit 1/21 to 2/12 Started 1/11 88% done ~ On Track!

Read More
KNIT ONE, KILL TWO 2/27 – 3/26 (after round ends) Started 1/24 Was set to finish 2/21, however thanks to a reading bug I’m now set to finish 2/14.
Fitting in extra stuff (like YUREI ATTACK! and my Marvel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE comic) where I can. I didn’t read as much as I’d like, but I did read some of my extra stuff.

Be a Good ROWer
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow. Done!

Be Healthy
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout Yoga yes, yes and one mile no, no.  Thursday yes, Friday no, and Saturday yes.
Stick to Eating Plan Hahahahahahaha! No.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Some Quick January Stats
Worked on Writing Stuff 30 out of 31 days
Wrote 5,070 Words
Finished 3 Books
Burned 4,095 Calories
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
This Week

My big plan is to get back on track with my eating and exercising.  I was half way to my end of round weight goal at the start of the week and then yummies happened… I’m no longer half way.  [sigh]  The other plan is to finish editing GRANDMA, take a reward day off, and start writing ALCHEMY.  Of course, I’ll be continuing to work on gaining my hamster’s trust.

Is there a heritage food you can’t resist?
What January wins did you have?  Any February hopes?


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10 thoughts on “Weekly Summary – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Italian desserts are my weakness in life (but I’m not Italian, go figure!). Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a nice day. Nice progress on your goals.

    • I haven’t had too many Italian desserts, but I’ve seen enough to know I’d be in trouble if I had access to them! 😉

      Thank you!

  2. Sounds like you still had a pretty good week and happy birthday!! Your new hammie is super cute! He looks so majestic on his little castle 🙂

    Best wishes for the coming week!

    • Thank you! My hamster, Duke, likes the castle lots and chews on it nonstop (it was made to be a giant live in chew toy). I think by next week it will be wrecked. He’s very happy in that tank and in his wheel. I’m happy to own him. 🙂

  3. You had both a good week and a good month!

    Heritage food? I’m English and Irish. There ain’t no such thing. Mary’s Lithuanian, and she makes something called kugelis, a lot like potato pancakes baked in a loaf. I’m not a fan, but Mary loves it. Her mom used to bring pig’s feet home from work (they lived near and worked at the Chicago Stockyards) and render them, then use the aspic as a sandwich spread. Mary said the house smelled terrible afterwards…

    • Thanks!

      My mom would make certain foods (picadillo for instance) and my friends would remark the scent is weird/bad. One person’s yum is another’s yuck at times. Never had either of those dishes you mentioned and, being a picky/fearful eater, doubt I ever will… Desserts are the easiest sell to me. 😉

  4. Happy Birthday Gloria (okay belated, but still close enough, right)!!

    Love homemade pirogi (Polish)!

    I read at least 7 books in January and edited to pieces to 1st draft level. I am going to post an update with the fuller stats from the month, but those are the big ones. 🙂

  5. A belated happy birthday, Gloria!

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