My New Hamster, Duke

20150127_103311Yesterday was my birthday and, as most know, the big plan was to get a hamster.

As I’m very pro-adoption, I was keeping an active eye on a local shelter’s webpage.  However, there were only four doves and two bunnies listed.  No hamsters.  That’s why I decided to go store bought.

The first store I went to was the one I got my beloved, late Queenie at.  They had three Syrians there, all girls.  Two were short hair and one long haired.  As I wanted a boy rather than a girl, I decided not to buy there.

Not that I wasn’t tempted.  One of the short haired girls looked a bit like the Framily Plan dad hamster and she kept pawing at the glass and coming up to me.  I decided if I didn’t find something at the other store I’d totally get her!

At the second store they only had two Syrians.  Both were boys and one was short haired (also looked like the Framily Plan hamster, but I liked the girl at the other store better than him) and the other long haired, which is my preferred coat type.  The long haired one was one of my favorite combinations too: all white with red eyes.  I was very excited.

My excitement died down when the store employee warned me he bites. And, yes, he bit me.  It was a very gentle bite.  I exhaled quite relieved.  I could work with that.  We’ll just have to take our time.

Though I originally said I would name him Majesty, I felt my alternate, Duke (or Duchess if it were a girl), fit him better.

In case you missed me sharing this on social media, there’s his welcome home video!

Did you ever go in with one name and come out using another?


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8 thoughts on “My New Hamster, Duke

  1. Your setup is much better than the one my hamster had as a child. It was a small wired cage with just a wheel, and food of course. Cute critter. Congrats.

    • That’s a 55 gallon. I’m definitely on the spoiling end (minimum recommended is a 20 gallon long or a 360 sq in habitat). But, it allows me to do some neat decorating/configuring, which brings me joy. Right now it is fairly simple due to supplies available, theme (“kingdom”), and not wanting to over whelm him just yet!

  2. Aww, what a cutie! Welcome home, Duke! And happy birthday to you, Gloria.

    Also, I have had that naming problem with my characters a couple of times. I was about 20K words into a novel with a main character named Jessie when I noticed that in my head the other characters were calling her Jackie. And I realized she really was Jackie. Oh! And when our younger cat showed up on our porch we thought he was a she, so we were calling him Gabby until two days later at the vet when we found out that, as our vet tech put it, “Gabby is a Gabriel.” So Gabby became Jack. 😀

    • Thank you very much! 😀

      Your cat story totally made me chuckle. Sometimes it can be hard to tell. I love how you switched to Jack instead of a similar/related Gabby name!

  3. Aww, congratulations on the new addition! Super cute!

    • Thank you! I’m super excited as to day I start working on taming/bonding. I also am expecting a package of hamster tubes, which I’ve been wanting for over a year! (Also in the package are yoga blocks, but those are for me.)

  4. Cute! Like you, I’m very pro-adoption, but if you’re looking for a specific breed or a critter that’s not a dog or a cat, I bet that can be tough sometimes. I’m glad you’ve found a new member of the family. Welcome, Duke!

    • Thanks! 😀

      Honestly, I’ve never seen a hamster at the shelter that takes small animals. I’ve seen hedgehogs, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rabbits, ferrets, and a variety of birds (most recently doves). Never a hamster. Which might be a good thing, as I’d probably be all “HONEY, WE MUST SAVE IT!” even if we don’t have the space for it. One day I’ll have to face that possibility.

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