My Dogs

julietOne day, back in the dark ages of 2010, my husband called me from work.  One of his coworkers wanted to rehome his two dogs.  His coworker worked two jobs and his kids were typical teens, barely ever home.  The coworker felt they deserved better.  Of course, my husband was calling about us only taking one.

Unfortunately, by this point my husband had made two mistakes:
#1- He told me there were two dogs.
#2- He told me that his coworker was going to return them to the shelter (where he had adopted them) if he did didn’t find them homes.

100_1653A couple of whiny “Are you sure we can’t take both?”s later…  Romeo and Juliet came to live with us.  But we had to promise that we wouldn’t change their names.  Ironically, the coworker had changed Juliet’s name (Simone).  We, of course, agreed to the stipulation.  All our adopted animals keep their names.  For us it is a badge of honor.

Romeo is a terrier-shepherd mix and the older of the two.  He cannot get enough pets.  I’ve tried to fulfill his need, we all have, and not once has it ever been enough.  He’s also far from the sharpest Crayola in the box.  See him on the railing in that picture?  After he got up there, he couldn’t figure out how to get down despite the table and two benches right there.

Juliet is the younger of the two.  She is a through and through husky.  She loves the snow, long walks, rubs against people’s legs like a cat, and is quite smart.  While her right eye is entirely blue, her left is half blue and half brown.

Care to share a pet adoption story with me?
Do you have a favorite dog breed?

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7 thoughts on “My Dogs

  1. I’m more of a cat person. We do have a dog, Cowboy. He was picked up outside the pet store on free pet Thursday. He was the calmest of the litter, the owner sweared he was part German Shepherd. Now, I think the puppy was drugged to calm him down. He’s a living pinball and I doubt there is any Shepherd in him, he’s not that smart! But he is a wonderful guard dog, he eats anything that gets in the back yard. Our cat, Kitty, is a black stray we picked up at the park. She was abandoned there when she was small. She is the perfect cat, let’s the girls do anything they want to her. I think she’s thankful to have a home and puts up with it all.

    • I’ve had dogs “false advertise” to me before too! In fact, we expected house damage when we adopted these. Juliet would paw/claw doors and ate/shredded carpet at her previous home. However, we only ever had one incident early on. Seems to me, that Juliet was just super lonely and therefore destructive.

      My daughter wants a cat so bad. Unfortunately these two aren’t cat loving dogs. You sound like you found a great one, though!

  2. Oh my gosh, husky! I’m a Corgi fan myself — although I really like border collies — but if mom’s ever around and you ask, my favorite dogs/animals are rescue. 😉 Our Hound is a rescue, as is our Kitten Cat, and they both adore being petted!

    • I once saw a corgi-husky mix on a tv show (I think it was BUNHEADS, as short lived ABC Family show). I about died. Imagine a corgi body and husky colors!

      But, I can’t help agreeing that rescued pets (of any kind) are definitely the best! 😀

  3. We adopted our dog, a beagle jack russell mix, from a shelter when she was six years old. She was so sweet and eager to meet us and we fell in love with her instantly. She has filled our lives with so much happiness and is a wonderful companion. And thanks to her, I have fallen in love with beagles. 🙂

    • I understand completely about falling in love with a dog breed through a dog. Juliet suckered us into being huge husky fans! It seems like your dog was a great match for you. (Are you talking about Angel? Is she doing well still?) I’m glad you guys found happiness together! Also I’m super pro adult dog adoptions so this tale makes me smile big time! 😀

      • Yes, that would be Angel. And she’s still doing well. She’ll be on the meds for a couple months, but she seems to be feeling much better. And yes, the world needs more adult-dog adoptions. Thanks for asking about her!

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