#ROW80 Check-In or How I spent my week

ROW80I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon before I’ve even gotten to any of my goal related stuff for the day, because it has been that kind of week.  Since things were going smoothly Monday and Tuesday, Mother Nature decided to throw me a wrench with snow days.  Three of them.  So, things didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped they would as I establish my new routines.  However, things didn’t go horribly either.

I’ll be covering the currently scheduled/active goals only to keep the update short.

Outline and Write ALCHEMY
Outline Done by 1/20 Finished this on 1/9 (Friday), so I gave myself Saturday off so I could tie-dye with my kids.  I’ll be starting my next goal sooner than expected (Draft 3 of GRANDMA), today/Sunday.

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I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT  finish by 1/12 So, I’ll either finish this early (Saturday/yesterday) or on time (Monday).  Either way, I’m good on this goal.

Be a Good ROWer
Every check-in comment on 2+ ROWer blogs that I don’t follow and as many as I can of those that I do follow. I didn’t visit goal posts, but that’s because I wanted to avoid feeling like I’m not doing enough (I am in a weak/compare myself to others frame of mind).  I did visit 2 non-followed blogs and 2 followed blogs for Wednesday’s update.

Be Healthy
Exercise: Monday and Wednesday- Yoga + 1 Mile | Thursday- 3 Miles | Friday and Saturday- Light Workout Monday- Yes and Wednesday- No (Snow Day) | Thrusday 1.5 Miles (Snow Day) | Friday- No (Snow Day) and Saturday- Yes
Stick to Eating Plan Yes

Before I go, I want to cover an event of note.  Last Saturday (1/3) we got rid of cable television and the following day got Hulu Plus.  The change has caused some adjusting, but I have nothing negative to say about it.  I use watching KIMI NI TODOKE as a reward for getting everything done.  And the reward is bigger the sooner I finish (meaning more episodes the sooner I finish my tasks).  I’m almost done season 1.  Expect some notes about things I’ve been watching to pop up on here.

Are you pro or anti snow?
What’s your entertainment viewing method of choice?
What are you watching?

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15 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-In or How I spent my week

  1. Definitely anti-snow. Especially here in the South. It happen so infrequently that there’s not that much snow-removal equipment, and when we have a bad storm like we did last year, where people were stuck in their cars overnight, everything grinds to a halt.

    We cut the cord last year, and we’ve been watching what we can pick up over the air. Mary’s watching a lot of stuff on Netflix (her favorite is “Midsomer Mysteries”). We didn’t cut the cord on the cable wi-fi.

    Excellent on the writing goals. The outline is the toughest part. Hope you had fun with the tie-dye.

    • The weather last year was scary! I’m hoping the year starting the same for me doesn’t mean a repeat of that.

      We considered getting Netflix, but it cut into our savings by dropping cable. We figured we’ll drop Hulu Plus during summer when nothing new is on, and switch it to Netflix then.

      The outline isn’t so tough for me. I spend months before doing it thinking of scenes and interactions. It is just a matter of committing them to paper and finding out what’s missing and can connect.

  2. My husband has been debating about getting rid of our Dish and going either Hulu or Amazon. I keep telling him I do not care what he does as long as it is cheaper. I watch about two hours of TV in a week, so his decision would not affect me much.

    Up here in the frozen Northwoods, we haven’t had any snow days yet, but we did have two cold days. When I was a kid we went to school no matter how cold it was and waited outside for the bus when the temperature was minus 35. I think we are all becoming soft. That just can’t be a good thing.

    • My 2 Cents: We have Amazon Prime (for the shipping) and the Instant Video Prime stuff is kind of lacking. Hulu Plus has a better selection.

      We watch a lot of television. But, we feel we have more control now (start it when we want and not having to worry about conflicting showings).

      I’m not sure I ever got a cold day off, but quite frankly I’m okay with it. My kids are the kind that can’t keep their gear on or dry. This year I’m extra thankful as both are now old enough to go to the bus stop without me and I avoid freezing. I’m so not a cold weather gal. 😉

  3. I like Amazon. I get Hulu for a month, then freeze it for three months..When it comes back I like it for a while..then freeze it. I can’t watch THAT much tv, and we still have cable.

    • I would supplement my television viewing with Hulu (not Plus, just regular) when we had cable. Be it shows that didn’t DVR right or their Asian television offerings. But, I didn’t use it regularly like you.

      I’ve found Amazon a bit lacking. Though, I could just be super picky/weird.

  4. Sounds like you’re doing great. Congrats!
    I think it’s wise not to visit too many lists of goals. Some ROWers keep it succinct and writing-related … and then there are those of us who love lists and probably share TMI. I would never want a visitor to SNEI to get bummed out by the length of my Action Plan. (It is very fluid, and I rarely – if ever – accomplish everything I set out to do.)
    At any rate, all the very best for Round 1.
    Have a super, great week.

    • Thank you! As I visit people their goals are slowly revealed to me, which is also a fun way to do it. Often they inspire me for future round goals or methods. But at the start (especially this one) I’ll start panicking that I’m being lazy or not doing enough even though I clearly thought out my goals.

      Keep being awesome, Steph! 🙂

  5. Are you pro or anti snow? – Currently, pro snow, because we haven’t gotten too much. I would still be pro-snow with a lot of snow, just more irritated. If that makes sense.

    What’s your entertainment viewing method of choice? Netflix or on computer for the other stuff (youtube and blip.tv)

    What are you watching? – Changes. Currently rewatching Firefly or whatever is in my queue. sometimes I watch a DVD (if not on Netflix).

    Have a stellar and better week, Gloria!! 🙂

    • I’m in a weird camp with snow. I need it or my year feels off (as if winter never happened). However, when it starts inconveniencing things… I want it gone.

      I’ll probably freeze Hulu in summer and get Netflix. Lots of people seem to find lots to watch there.

      Firefly is the best! My next DVD purchase is going to be DOWNTON ABBEY season 5 (the currently airing on PBS one). That’s the only thing that I’m upset about missing and I console myself with the fact I only have to wait until my birthday (1/27) for it!

      Hope your week goes fantastic! 😀

  6. I’m sort of torn on the topic of snow. On the one hand, I enjoy watching it fall to the ground, and I think it’s beautiful. On the other hand, I’m very pro-summer/warm weather, so cold weather in general isn’t my thing. And I don’t like driving in bad weather, so that’s a con.

    We’ve been without cable for years now. We have Netflix and Hulu Plus for general TV/movie watching and use Gaiam TV for yoga/pilates/tai chi/etc. Those three pretty much meet all of our needs. I’m currently rewatching “Buffy” (again), watching an anime called “Fate/Stay Night,” and have been watching some Cesar Milan stuff on Netflix.

    Have a great week! Here’s hoping for fewer snow days in the week ahead!

    • I completely agree with your snow views. 🙂 I’ve heard of FATE/STAY NIGHT… I even watched a couple of episodes of it. I didn’t finish watching because I got distracted. I remember it being good (and everyone spoilering me on the ending).

      Thanks for the snow day wishes. 🙂 Though, the kids have off the 16th and 19th. (I didn’t realize about the 16th until yesterday.) So, tiny bumps. I’ll manage!

  7. I’m surprised to hear you’re feeling less-than, considering you finished your first goal ahead of schedule and were on track to finish the second one on time at the time of posting! Seems to me you’re making GREAT progress & should be very satisfied. Just my 2 cents. ;*) Rewarding self with TV episodes is a good idea. I watch TV, but not as a reward system. I might stay on track more often if I couldn’t watch my shows until I’d finished my work. I watch Castle, Once Upon a Time, Bad Judge, The Mysteries of Laura, and Forever. Good luck with your goals this week!

    • The less than definitely comes from my exercise goal and not acing my first week out. Also, the lack of settling into a routine left me icky. But, yes, I did do good where it matters. I guess I shoud focus on that. 🙂

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