Kiss A Lot of Toads

Back in the 90’s there was a show called CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL.  Starring Melissa Joan Hart before she was Sabrina.  If you missed it or remember it, here’s a commercial…

It was a fun show.  One episode in particular has stuck with me through the years.  Clarissa decides to get a job, applies to a bunch of places, and ends up being offered all the jobs (because the 90’s had a better economy).  She doesn’t know which to pick, so her best friend Sam (a guy) gives her advice his dad once gave him.  “Kiss a lot of toads.”  That means try everything out and find out what’s the prince charming of the bunch.  Oddly, the job she ended up with wasn’t one she applied for, I think.  But, that job was her prince charming and the others were toads (but not obvious toads until she realized which was her prince).

So why am I talking about 90’s TV and locking lips with an amphibian?  Because I apply this philosophy to my writing.  I jump around in genres and reader ages.  Yes, I’d bill myself a mostly fantasy writer (jumping about in eras and intensity) for adults.  However, that doesn’t stop me from writing about owning a hamster for kids.

I like “kissing a lot of toads” because maybe I’ll find a hidden talent.  Maybe I’ll find something I like more.  I can also become more aware of flaws or strength when kissing these toads. It’s different and rewarding in ways that just sticking to the same thing all the time doesn’t offer.

So, why don’t you come kiss some toads with me?  I promise you won’t get warts.

Is there a piece of advice you follow that you got from an odd place?
What old TV shows that are “long gone” do you still think about?


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2 thoughts on “Kiss A Lot of Toads

  1. Mary said one night I sat up in bed, said “Cookies on the plate with crap!” and went back to sleep. I finally figured out what I was talking about: Everything is either cookie or crap, and you have to figure out which is which. So my odd place was my unconscious self.

    “Kissing a lot of toads.” I like that.

    • Sleep talk can be interesting. My husband sleep talks on occasion. One night he woke me up to sleep tell me, “I figured it out. You hang upside down on the tree…” and from there went the Odin/World Tree myth. I ended up awake and very confused as he slept on. 🙂

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