Quitting Round 4 of #ROW80

WednesdayWith Betty’s death, I just can’t even picture the upcoming week.  I have a hard enough time picturing feeding only two dogs despite the fact I have done it for three breakfasts thus far.  I still try to step around where her bed was in our bedroom.  Today, we were going to buy Betty a sweater in hopes of keeping her warmer…  Like with Queenie, it is the little things that put me off balance.  And speaking of Queenie, still not over her either.

I don’t know if I’m going to do anything writing related this week.  Or even the rest of the month.  I can barely get myself to think about January, which I had been starting to plan before Betty…

That’s why I’m quitting ROW80 Round 4 early.

Normally, I do this whole review of my goals and talk about each one.  But, this round has just been plain rough for me.  The loss of my pets, the news that GASLIGHT DEMONS will be going out of print Dec 17, misjudging goals, the kids no longer believing in Santa, and normal life bumps (some bigger than others).

I wasn’t able to be social (visiting blogs, being active on WIPpet Wednesdays, and replying slowly) as I wanted, but I think everyone understands.  My habits weren’t as stable as I’d like either (output of words, working out regularly on my treadmill, and reading).  I’m amazed I accomplished anything.  But I wrote 2 chapter books and got some queries out for a chapter book I did in summer (which wasn’t even a goal). And despite it all… I’ve lost 13 pounds this round and currently weigh what I did in the holidays of 2012.

Right now, my goal is to make the holidays better.  They’re feeling not so much holiday-y for obvious reasons.

What do you to amp up your holiday feels?
Will you tell me the story of your worst ROW80 round?


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14 thoughts on “Quitting Round 4 of #ROW80

  1. Oh, Gloria, you have had so much sorrow recently. Just curl up somewhere with a good book, escape into a peaceful place, sleep as much as you want to. The sun will come out again, your muse will return, you will not only find the track again but you will get back on it. Life will go on.

    I can relate. I have had days and weeks where nothing good was happening, but those times passed. You will make it.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the new Round after the first of the year. Until then, find your peace.

    • I do hope to be back, and just as good if not better, next round. I certainly do need this time to myself. Emotionally I’m exhausted. See you next year, Chris.

  2. It’s the challenge that knows you have a life, and life has really given you the old one-two and added three, four and five. Any time I plan on a lot of unreasonable goals for ROW80, it blows up in my face.

    You have a wonderful holiday season. Get some eggnog, either with or without the booze, and have some fruitcake. There’s bound to be some around.

    • Oh, that egg nog will have booze the 24th for sure. Though we’ll be buying our first gallon of it the 19th. The whole losing weight thing hasn’t been without sacrifice (and that means we’ve held off on the nog even though we LOVE it). We skipped making fruit cake this year but I hold hope my father-in-law buys some for his party (the 24th). We actually like fruitcake in our family. 😉

      I definitely need to be away from the challenge with everything that’s been going on. I just need less pressure so I can enjoy the holidays after all these bumps. I’ll see you Round 1, though. I love ROW80 too much to stay away for too long.

  3. Gloria, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure Betty would understand, and I know I do, if you were to slow down to a crawl for a little while, and stay in bed all day. I’ve lost so many people (and pets are people, too!) in my life, including my newborn baby girl. Every single one is heart-wrenching, and you definitely need to take care of yourself and your family. We’ll see you again next year, but in the meantime, I’m sure nobody is going to judge you for stopping early.

    • I’m sorry to hear you suffered such a painful loss. I couldn’t even imagine that.

      I am definitely taking it easy because I want to recover in time for the holidays. I hate the idea of sad holidays. So, better now than then.

      • Yes, better now than then. 🙂
        I think, having lost a newborn I didn’t know, and several dear family members and pets that I did know, it’s harder to lose someone you knew than someone you had never had the chance to know. I know I miss my late husband more than I miss my little girl, but I actually miss my poor kitties more than I miss my husband, I think because they needed me more than he did, if that makes sense.

  4. Take care of yourself, we will look forward to seeing you again when you are ready!

  5. jnfr

    I am so sorry for losing Betty. I read your earlier post and she sounds like such a wonderful spirit and a good dog.

    I hope you take what time you need. ROW80 will be here again when you’re ready.

  6. You’ve had a rough month with the loss of two pets. So sorry. I think you’re right to be kind to yourself and back off some of your writing goals. The ROW80 community will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to rejoin us. Take care!

    • Thank you, Demise. And it seems it was a good idea as fate has sent a little girl home sick from school this Monday morning. And here I was “What am I going to do today?” Take care of her became my answer.

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