Changed My Mind: GASLIGHT DEMONS to go out of print Dec 17th

I know I already said I’d be self-publishing GASLIGHT DEMONS.  I changed my mind.  To quote the song, “It’s my prerogative.”

But, leaving it at that would make me a douche.  So, here are the two reasons I decided to let it go softly into the night (or whatever out of print ebooks do).

1) It was turning into a bigger project than I intended and complications kept rising up.  The stress!!!  Not worth it.
2) This is a past achievement. Rather than trying to keep that alive I’d rather focus my time and energy on making new ones.  Resting on past laurels ain’t my thing. (Bad grammar used for emphasis and drunkenness.)

What does that mean?  You only have 7 days to buy GASLIGHT DEMONS!!!!!  Show me one little bit of love this holiday season.  See what my writing in 2009 was all about.  Pity me?  I’d love for a few more hands to grasp my words before they disappear, regardless of motivation.


ePub/Nook Barnes and Noble
Mobi/Kindle Amazon

$2.99 for mobi & epub
$5.00 for pdf

P.S.- I am indeed drunk writing this.
It was a hard choice that I hated making.

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2 thoughts on “Changed My Mind: GASLIGHT DEMONS to go out of print Dec 17th

  1. kathils

    Done. 🙂

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