ROW80Hamster Grief Update:
I just spent about 45 minutes explaining to my husband why I don’t know what I should do about my next hamster.  Do I go dwarf or stick with Syrian?  If I go dwarf, 1 or 2 or maybe even 3?  Is it okay to aim for my birthday for getting time?  Do I adopt?  Do I buy the “discount hamster” (aka no one bought, we’re trying to get rid of it hamster) that the store tends to have 75% of the time?  Do I buy just what I want?  While I’m talking about moving on, fact is I’m not there yet.  I still have the tank covered up.  I have yet to go thorough Queenie’s things and start purging and sanitizing. I have a list of what I need to do to have the living conditions in order.  That counts as moving forward, right?

I announced initially that MORBIDGAMES will no longer be selling GASLIGHT DEMONS.  I then edited the post to say starting December 17th they’ll start removing my novel from sale.  Then, I announced I’d take over selling it/self-pubbing it.  I also made other promises in that post that included a new copy edit.  Well, that copy edit evolved into a bigger edit.  I’ve got a great friend in Leigh Dragoon.  She wants GASLIGHT DEMONS to be better than ever.  And I can’t disagree with that.  Line edits, making every word count, are now going on.

Holiday Update:
Cards sent out a week ago.  House decorated. Outside decorated. Kid gifts all bought and wrapped.  Husband gifts all bought and wrapped. Local family bought and wrapped. Either the 10th or 11th the girl child buys at the school holiday store for us.  Friday I’ll take the boy child to the dollar store to shop.  (They pay for gifts with their own allowance money.)    Watched holiday school play and went to town’s holiday parade (daughter was in both).  Holiday baking started off with fudge last Friday.  This Friday is rum cakes and pumpkin rolls (a week from Friday is oatmeal and other cookies and the 24th is Egg Nog Pie).  I will be skipping fruit cake (something our family actually loves) and gingerbread houses.

ROW80 Update:
I’m still shaky on this.  I’m doing writing things not on my list.  Example: Growing my Chapter Book agent list and sending MEOW to them.  Also, editing GASLIGHT DEMONS to make it awesomer.  I’ve been doing that instead of reading and writing on Personal Project.  I haven’t been feeling so much social (thanks to hamster grief depression).  I have moments I am social.  Unfortunately, they don’t last long and are draining.  No reading happened this week.  Instead of studying at lunch I’ve added extra workouts where I walk and study (via language CDs).  I did the normal amount of yoga and lots of treadmill walking.

Plans for this week:
Finish GASLIGHT DEMONS edits to chapter 17.  Query all the agents on my list so far. Go to Yoga.  Walk on Treadmill.  Study Japanese with or without lunch.  Don’t worry about goals I’m ignoring at the moment.

Do you have a lot going on? How’s it going?
How are you preparing and getting ready for the holidays?

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6 thoughts on “Updates!!!

  1. Sending you hugs and warm thoughts. As Queenie was quite the hamster take your time, but the progress with cleaning and sanitizing the cage is a start. One step at a time. I lost a cast a few days before last Christmas, so I am coping with the anniversary. Hang tight, Lady. You’ll make it.

    Oh, now I am hungry after reading your baking list, by the way. Thanks 🙂

    Here to new beginnings and things become more awesomer!!!

  2. Editing and revisions are a lot of work, but fun in their own way. I like seeing how much better a story can become.

    And I’m still sorry about Queenie. It’s never easy to lose something or someone you care so much about. It leaves a huge hole that stays noticeable no matter how upbeat you try and be. Hang in there.

    • It’s a weird thing. I never thought I’d be editing this again. I thought this was done and here it is back in my life. Seriously, weird.

      Thanks for the kind words. I was at the doctor’s yesterday which is down the street from Pet Smart. I almost went to look at hamsters. Just to see how I feel looking. Didn’t have the courage.

  3. So sorry to hear about your hamster. It’s hard losing a pet. Give yourself time to grieve and mourn her loss.

    Good luck with editing “Gaslight Demons” and working on your other projects.

    • Thank you. I do miss Queenie, but it is getting easier to think about her (and smile). I’ll need that luck as I’m hitting rocky patches where I’m wavering in my discipline.

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