3 Reasons I Schedule Posts

People have limited amounts of time and/or energy and they should be used wisely.  At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.  Here’s three reasons why I schedule my blog posts:

1) When I Blog
I blog after dinner (as well as do all my not-actually-writing-writer-things like visit blogs and update spreadsheets).  Sure I could post right then. However, I find blog posts put up later in the day get fewer eyes.  And some posts are meant for the morning of the next day (ROW80 check-ins for example) and I’m just writing them early because nothing (for me) changes overnight. I am not the news.  Most my posts aren’t late breaking bulletins.  And from when I eat to when I wake, little happens.  (I hang out with the kids, watch television, and go to bed by 10pm, or sometimes earlier because sleep is awesome.)  So what I write at 6:30pm while Jeopardy is on is going to be true when I am drinking my coffee watching the morning weather for the fifth time.

2) Bad Stuff and Stuff Happens
If I hadn’t scheduled posts, after Queenie passed away this blog would have been silent.  Antisocial behavior due to grief.  Other times, I have a busy week ahead.  Like this week, there was the my daughter’s music program Thursday, Christmas Parade (daughter in it) today, and tomorrow my son has a doctor’s appointment.  If I didn’t write this ahead of time, I would be blog silent.  So, I stole time from when I had time for when I didn’t.

3) To Make More Time For Writing
I used to take my actual writing time (mornings most days and Friday nights) and write blog posts.  I felt that time was better spent writing, so I moved my blog writing.  After dinner I steal quick moments where I fling my thoughts and feelings (in the form of words) at the screen.  I title a post and then go for a walk with my daughter.  I find that thing for my son after the first paragraph.  I re-read it during commercials and between answering Jeopardy questions (I’m okay at it).  I don’t regret this move, as I feel I get more writing done.  Though, I often regret not writing down my blog topic ideas as my tired brain sometimes forgets them.

Do you schedule your blog posts?
When do you write your posts?


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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Schedule Posts

  1. Your life is chaotic as mine! I should schedule posts, but I don’t. I do write some ahead of time and then just post them when I want. I hope you feel better soon.

    • I think I started with doing the same thing as you. Originally, I wasn’t so down with scheduling, but I changed my mind somewhere along the way.

      And thank you. I’m starting to do better. However, her tank is covered still. I can’t face it (tried earlier this week). But, I’m not going to rush it. I don’t want to ruin the holidays.

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