An Announcement Regarding GASLIGHT DEMONS

Morbig games

For those that don’t know, MORBIDGAMES is the publisher of my novel, GASLIGHT DEMONS. And, yes, one of the products being removed from sale is my novel.

Before I go on to discuss what this means for my novel, I want to state that I’m thankful and grateful to have been published by through MORBIDGAMES.  Micheal G. Hurston, the man behind the company, was a pleasure through the years and I can only wish him the best.

But what does this mean for GASLIGHT DEMONS?  Micheal told me that [UPDATED] starting December 17th all versions will be removed.  So if you want the original recipe, you have to buy it now.

Yes, I said original recipe.  Since all rights belong to me, I’m going to release a 2.0 version in 2015 (I have a date in mind, but, just in case, I’m not saying it).  New cover.  (Thank you, Leigh!)  Another copy edit.  (Thank you, Leigh and Becky!)  New ebook/ereader layout.  (Thank you, Paul!)  And, finally, a print version will be available. (Thank you, Adam!)

Even though this is a re-release, I’m going to do some events to promote it.  I haven’t nailed down anything yet, as I want to announce the release date first.  But, I want to give this rebirth a proper celebration.

And that’s the big announcement I’ve been waiting to make since November.

Have you read GASLIGHT DEMONS?
Are you going to buy the original or wait for the new version?
Have you ever relaunched a book? Tips?

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