3 Things To Do With Extra Free Time

thursdayEvery week I set goals for myself in order to set myself up for success with my ROW80/quarterly goals.  Sometimes I don’t make those goals, sometimes I do, and sometimes I finish them early.  Here’s what I do with that “extra time” an early finish gets me.

#1- Overachieve
Sometimes the best thing to do with success is to keep rolling with it.

#2- Get to a Neglected Task
Reaching a goal is great. Conquering a neglected task?  That just adds to the feeling of accomplishment.  Time to hang that picture I’ve had in the closet for three months!  Now to go through that stack of papers so we can see my printer again!  Let’s go paint the mailbox!  Whatever I’ve been meaning to do (none of those… Well, maybe the printer thing), now is a great time as I honestly don’t have anything else to do or standing in my way.

#3- Play
Watch a movie, anime, or k-drama, play a video game, computer game, or with my pets, or maybe get to some arts and crafts thing I have been wanting to do!  The idea is fun!  This is the option I probably neglect most.  But, I did the work, so I definitely earned the right to play.  Play is important.  It keeps the burning smell from coming out my ears.

Do you set weekly goals?
What do you do with “extra” free time?


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2 thoughts on “3 Things To Do With Extra Free Time

  1. I agree, play is vitally important, and all I’ve managed to do over the past week – purely to stop me from going insane as my internet has not been working! I know it sounds really sad, but I’ve been lost without my access to the online community. It’s great to see your positive attitude and that you’re working towards your goals 🙂

    • I understand feeling lost without a connection to the internet. I connect even with my local friends to set things up via Twitter or Gmail and I couldn’t live without the writing support during those dark, middle of novel, oh crap there’s a plot hole, my characters aren’t behaving times!

      But of those three up there, play is most definitely the number one thing I should be doing. I tend to deny myself it too much, even when I know I’ll feel better for it.

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