The First Year Without a Santa Claus

Holiday List

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It happened around Halloween.  My daughter, at the dinner table, asked “Is Santa real?”  (This was after she asked about the tooth fairy and we told her the truth.)  My husband and I saw this time coming and we answered with very heavy hearts.  With her being the youngest, the secret was out and Santa wouldn’t come again.

Not that it’s a bad thing.  Santa and I had a love/hate thing.

I loved the magic he brought to the holidays and how he showed reward of good behavior.  That’s why at around midnight every year, even though my kids were sleeping and probably didn’t hear it, I rang bells to help them believe.  I also used different papers and super hid the Santa one so they’d never see it.

However, I hated that the fat man got so much credit for the gifts.  I made sure to let the kids only ask for one Santa gift.  This was the must have of the year, and if Santa gave them extra stuff it was a pair of gloves or a calendar.  Because, the rest of the awesome (beyond the must have) had to go to us, their parents.  We’re the ones that did all the work!

Anyways, no Santa this year.  That changes things.

Instead of one must have we asked our kids for 4 must haves.  Since they now know it is from us, there’s no worrying.  I got the 4 idea from asking lists I saw on Pinterest and I made one up myself.  (That would be the image with this post.)

We replaced the Santa picture with a family picture.  Truth is we don’t have many family pictures.  Mostly there are pictures of the kids.  There are some of me.  There are even fewer of my husband.  But, us all together? Super rare and in my father-in-law’s care.

After picture Happy Meals was a thing.  However, the kids not only outgrew Santa, but they out grew the meals.  (One is a teen after all and you know how they’re bottomless pits.)  We replaced this with going to our favorite restaurant in town, the Chinese buffet.

After Thanksgiving comes the hardest part, though.  Keeping the magic, excitement, and fun in Christmas.  I’m hoping my plan works. Every Friday I’ll serve a holiday goodie (fudge, rum cake, and so on) for dessert.  Once the kids are off school, I’ll have a holiday movie and craft every day (my kids love crafts and movies).  I’m also considering encouraging them to give holiday cards to their friends.

And that’s on top of their bedroom advent tress (we’ve done that since moving here) and The Grinch (animated) right after Thanksgiving dinner.  Because, it isn’t the holiday season until I watched that cartoon!

Things should be great… I hope.  I won’t lie that there is worry that Santa lost will be holiday magic lost.  But, we’re going to fight for it.

Are you like me? How did the end of Santa change your house?
Will you be like me one day? Have a post- Santa plan?

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3 thoughts on “The First Year Without a Santa Claus

  1. Santa hasn’t ended here, for anyone. I kind of feel like I should pop the bubble for my 9-year-old… he’s got to be the only one in his class who still believes, and I don’t want it to be hard for him. Being proactive about the whole “Santa is a way we express our love and Christmas spirit” thing has to be better than offering it as a consolation prize… right?

    I’m so torn.

    • I hear what you’re saying. That’s the same boat we were in with my daughter. My husband did tons of research and it all came down to, don’t burst the bubble for them. Don’t tell them, but wait for them to ask you. When they ask, that means they already doubt it. That’s how we did it and it seems to be okay.

      The Santa metaphor is a good consolation. We’re donating old, in good condition toys to charity to show our Santa spirit. Our one friend had her son help her bring Christmas to a family that couldn’t have it otherwise when he found out. Little things like that help, I think.

      • For sure. That’s a really good way of approaching it, too.

        Oh, and I’m totally with you on Santa getting all the credit. Ticks me off, too. 🙂

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