Taking It Easy Today

I’m skipping WIPpet Wednesday this week, because I still owe some people a visit from last week.  And, yesterday was a snow day.  This made my plans go out the window (I was supposed to go holiday shopping with my husband).  However, I took my daughter to get her super long hair cut short (her choice not mine) with bangs (her choice not mine).  Then we came home and I cut my husband’s hair and my son’s.  This is in preparation for our first ever family photo for the holidays (the replacement for the Santa pictures).  That on top of all the usual chores I do Tuesday (lots of animal housing cleaning).

And next week, I’ll likely skip WIPpet Wednesday again because my kids have their 5 day weekend.  It being Thanksgiving and all here in the US.  On their last day of vacation is the start of the new session of yoga.  I’m not sure how that will work.  (Skip, send to father-in-law’s, or let them stay home alone for an hour for the first time ever?)  But, hooray for more yoga!

To relax I’m making Queenie a winter castle based on this tutorial.

Are you being plagued by snow like me?
How are you going to handle the up coming holidays (if you have them)?


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3 thoughts on “Taking It Easy Today

  1. Sounds like fun family entertainment – how lovely that you’re having a Christmas photo together. I once asked my girls and they looked at me as though I was quite mad! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

    • This year was the year the secret of Santa died. The kids handled the truth well and our daughter praised us for hiding their presents so they never found them (and they never will). However, the one thing that devastated them was that we weren’t doing Santa pictures anymore. Though, I think they are only keen on it because it is promised eating out (a very rare treat). We decided to do the Chinese buffet (though, it used to be McDonald’s) after the pictures. Guess it is a form of bribery. 😉

      • Hey, anything for a quiet peaceful life, right! Seriously though, the Chinese buffet sounds heavenly and I’m sure the kids will get on board with the new family photo – it’s all about that family feeling and the traditions we create. It feels like Christmas all of a sudden!

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