I Read…


My Back Cover Version:
Coraline has moved into a new place with her parents.  Her parents suck.  The place sucks.  The only fun thing is exploring.  Exploring leads her into a weird world that’s cooler until her other mom wants to sew buttons into her eyes.  When she tries to avoid that weird world her real parents disappear and she can’t avoid it anymore.

My Opinion:
I’ve seen the movie and I have to say, there are differences between this graphic novel and the movie.  Never having read the book, I don’t know which is more accurate.  The core problem and solution are about the same, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the graphic novel.  I didn’t feel jolted, unclear, or lost at any point (which can happen when materials are translated).  The artwork was nice and the fact the colors were dull appealed to me (I hate super bright comics).

As for the story, I liked the spins added to the “at start girl dislikes life/family and by the end she likes/appreciates them” plot.  It kept a tried and true story fresh.  It was also a bit creepy, which I’m down with.

If you’re down for graphic novels, I suggest this one.  Unless you read the book, then maybe not?  It could just be the same story twice.  I just wouldn’t know.  But, if you only saw the movie, this is worth the read.

Do you have a book turned graphic novel you love?
What are you reading?

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