“I was the only kid in my class with snow boots!”

20141113_165428As I was getting my morning started, the phone rang.  Caller ID read “SCHOOLS,” which made all my mommy warning bells and flashing lights go off.  I picked up and tried not to heave a sigh of despair as I said, “Hello?”

“MOM!”  It wasn’t an adult, but my daughter.

This was odd.  “Yeah, Pucca?”  That’s her nickname.  (Though her father/my husband says Pooka.  Links explain the difference for those that want to know.)

“Mom, I need my snow boots.”

Today marks the first real snowfall of the year, at least it does in our neck of the woods.  It started before we were even out of bed.  But, as the first snowfall I expected to stop soon enough (by lunch at latest) and for it to stick to the usual things light snow sticks to (roofs, plant life, fences, poles, and such), but not the roads or sidewalks.  And so we decided before she went to the bus stop that she really didn’t need them.

Her opinion changed once at school.

“Must you have them?” I asked not liking the idea of having to clean off my car and drive all of three minutes.  The school is fairly close, but I wouldn’t suggest walking there.

“Yes, I must.”

And with angst that would make any teenager proud I said, “Fiiiiiiiiine.  I’ll bring them.  Bye.”

Anyways, remember my snow prediction?  It was wrong!  I’ve been up for 11 hours as I write this.  In that time the snow has not stopped.  The roads got so bad my kids were home late (the bus drivers being cautious and all).  And at one point my neighbor’s tree broke and took out a phone line.  The suddenness of it all (it was 67F just the other day) was quite… Sudden.

As for the title of this post.  The hiccup of my morning is what made the weather more bearable.  My daughter’s joy made that morning trek totally worth it.

How’s your weather?

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