I Listened to…


This one is a little different folks.  See, it started with an idea.  What if I listened to books the days I cleaned?  That’s the idea I had when I saw this gem at Half Price Books for $2.  Fact is, I forget to turn on my music when I clean, not to mention all the cleaning machine noises and traveling up and down stairs.  It was a bad idea.  My second idea, something to listen to as the kids traveled around town during summer, worked out better.

If I was a salesman trying to sell you this audio book:
An Awfully Beastly Business: Sea Monsters and Other Delicacies is the second book in a series written by David Sinden, Matthew Morgan, and Guy Macdonald.  The audio book is read by Gerard Doyle.  It is the story of a werewolf boy and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beasts, think kryptozoology.  This tale focuses on a sea monster, its injury, what its kind might have to do with the society’s founder’s death, and how the beast would taste as a soup.

My Opinion:
The children never once complained or asked for music in place of it.  Gerard Doyle is a delight to listen to as he does different voices for all the characters and sets the mood well.  The creatures in it are interesting and the villain is definitely totally hate-able.  And with those being big elements, I think they definitely got it right.

I’ll admit that the adult (Dr. Fielding) was too stubborn and the fairy a bit on the annoying side.  However, they had to be for the story to be as impactful as it was.

I donated my copy to my local library as I don’t think the kids and I will want to listen to it again.  It was a good listen to and I recommend for a family car trip.

What’s your favorite Krypto-beast?
What are you reading?

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4 thoughts on “I Listened to…

  1. I love Kid-Lit. I’ll have to look that on up, I’ll read it. When I listen to books my mind wanders. I just finished a very funny, Southern mystery called Lowcountry Boil. I think I found a new favorite author.

    • I love finding new authors to love! Glad that happened for you. 🙂

      As I was driving, I found it was a good balance since I was “doing something” but not to the point of distraction. When my son was a baby (he’s a teen now) I used to clean or crochet while listening to audio books. But, that just doesn’t work these days for me. So, I was glad to find this way. I’ve been checking the clearance section already for next summer’s book!

  2. I’ve never heard of this book before – I’ll have to check it out! It sounds like it has some similarities to our story, where our protagonist hunts mystical beasts to turn them into delicious meals like kraken calamari and dragon cuisine. Thanks for the recommendation! I love listening to audio books!! 🙂

    • I never heard of it either until I found this audio book, but there are five books in the series. This one is the only about eating/cooking the animals. I should probably say that in this case the people that want to eat the exotic beasts are the bad guys.

      Let me know if you get a chance to read/listen to it and like it!

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