Fixing #ROW80 Goals and Failing NaNoWriMo

WednesdayWhile my husband enjoyed his stay-cation I figured I could slip in stuff.  What I managed to slip in were naps.  I did slip in a night sorting through agents for a very narrow field.  I just feel guilty I didn’t do that more (naps are awesome and addictive).  I did think about my schedule in regards to time, which I’ve been out of sync with and losing, and the goals that seem to go against all that.  I thought about it, but couldn’t really think how to fix it, so I’ll be doing that on the fly this post.

And for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to join NaNoWriMo despite my certainty at failing.  The material I plan to write is actually less than 50k.  If I finish it, I still won’t make the goal.  Click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph for more details or here to add me to your buddies.


Old Goal: Read 30 pages or 15% or some combination there of a week
Why this is failing: I can’t find time to read. I prioritize other things in its place when I have “free time.”
New Goal: Read for 30 minutes every Friday.  (Other days are total bonus.)

Old Goal: Study 5 breakfasts and 4 lunches per week
Why this is failing: Because on Monday and Wednesday I have yoga and I’m rushing in the morning to get kids to school, eat, and take care of pets, I’m not sitting down to eat and there’s no time to study while I eat those days.
New Goal: Study 3 breakfasts and 4 lunches per week
Note: Last yoga class this session is 11/24 and then comes Thanksgiving break.  Not sure when the next session of Yoga will start, but I’ll resume 5 breakfasts if it isn’t right away.  If it is right away, I’ll be keeping it at 3.

Old Goal: Walk to Yoga and/or Weights and Walking (M, W, Th, F)
Why this is failing: Weights is the issue in this goal.  It’s supposed to be in this 10-15 minute window of time, after I’ve only been awake about 10-15 minutes.  The cold changed my motivation from “exercise” to “seek warmth!”
New Goal: Walk to Yoga (M & W) and Walk (Th & F)

Yogurt Drop: In your food bowl, Queenie.

To Be On Track This Week
For NaNoWriMo
Finish HAMSTER by 11/8

For ROW80
Read Friday * Study 3 Breakfast * Study 4 Lunch
Exercise 4 Days * Visit 4+ ROWers

When is the last time you had to do a major re-haul of your ROW80 goals?
How do you feel about naps? Time wasters? Bestest thang eva?

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14 thoughts on “Fixing #ROW80 Goals and Failing NaNoWriMo

  1. I know what its like fail at even the easiest of goals.Take heart, you are working to make your goals and re-tooling them where necessary. Heck, I am in tech week for a show, doing NaNoWriMo, and preppign for a Xmas show and auditioning a show in December (going up in March 2015). I can sympathize.

    Chin up (as Charlotte the spider says)! Cheer up! You got this. Have a better week! 😉

    • I definitely wasn’t thinking ahead or realistically when making my goals. It happens. I’m trying not to be hard on myself about it all. Big kudos for taking on NaNoWriMo with so much going on! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I usually have one goal that I consider most important and focus on that one. Any other goals are minor and things that if I don’t accomplish them, no big deal.

    Naps *are* awesome and addictive, and usually mean you needed the rest.

    You have a good attitude toward NaNoWriMo. You have an idea of what you want to get done and aren’t expecting to “win.”

    • I try to use my goals to reinforce habits (like exercise) or get things done (generally I either do or fail those goals and don’t tweak them). In this case it was my schedule and habits weren’t lining up. We only have so much time! When making goals I can forget that.

      I agree if you are napping hard you must seriously need it. My need for sleep is mostly tied to my low blood pressure. I’m not a cheetah. I’m a sloth.

      This is actually plan C for NaNoWriMo. Plan A is something I’m not done planning/plotting. Plan B was to not do it. But, I couldn’t let go the idea of doing it. So, plan C was born.

  3. Goals are meant to be changed and tweaked, on a weekly basis if need be. You are doing fine. And about the naps? Napping is the best thing in the world, after maybe cookies and cream ice cream. Have a great week!

    • I guess you can say it is a goal of mine to not need to tweak goals in a subtractive manner. I rather add difficulty or a new goal than remove or lessen. It feels if I do tweak to the less it feels like I’m slacking. Though I know that isn’t the case.

      I’d say napping is better than cookies and ice cream simply because they don’t add unwanted pounds. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’m still making my list of agents. Don’t sweat NaNo. I’m pretty sure i won’t make my goal of 50K, but I’m still going to try….and buy the winner Tshirt, it’s cool.

    • I’m only on page 10 of 32 of a list I have to sort (with over 50% of the agents not fitting what I’m looking for). I really need to find time to make progress on it. With NaNo going down I’m not sure I will this month. And you’re right that trying hurts nothing. That’s why I’m going down this road. 😉

  5. Hey, you’re doing well to realize you can change your goals to fit your life. Also, naps are awesome and wonderful and the bestest thing in the world! Also again, NaNo isn’t about the ‘win’, it’s about the writing. If you’re writing every day, that’s awesome, too, and wonderful, and the bestest thing in the world (second only to naps)! There are a lot of NaNoers who aren’t writing to 50K, but just to the length of their short story. Or their several short stories. You’re not automatically a loser because you’re not writing 50K words so you can never make the wordcount. You’re only a loser at NaNo if you don’t try to write every day (says the woman who didn’t even try to write yesterday, but then, there was the whole taking-care-of-injured-cat thing to deal with, so, yeah). Set your OWN NaNo goal, and your OWN daily word count goal, and work toward that. If you reach your own wordcount goal, then Yay, You!

    • Writing everyday? Then I guess I already did fail.

      However, I do have a writing schedule. You know, days and times I should be writing. As of late, I’ve been a bit lax on it. Lots of late starts, early quits, and finding any excuse to skip. I’m just not giving it my all. I was hoping NaNoWriMo would be a good time to fix that. Show up on time, write as much as I can (vs “what I have to”), and be there no matter what.

      That’s why I decided to do it in the first place. Screw my usual slow build up. I need to be awesomer now!!! 😉

  6. Wow, you sound so busy!! I think it’s great to do a goal re-evaluation every once in a while – I always make these grand schedules for myself, and usually fail at them within the first couple of days. Naps are one of my banes, too, but oh how I love them… 😉 Good luck with Nano!

    • Life never stops being busy unless you hide! (I consider that option every morning.) With schedules I tend to succeed because I get scared of them and start them in stages. It’s easier to undertake new writing stuff one week, add exercise the next and so on. Though, obviously, I still fail at getting right in life vs. paper. 😉

      I have been trying to limit my naps to between 2 & 2:30. My son comes home then and wakes me up. Then I’m all rested for homework madness!!! Though, some days it likes squeaking in during WHEEL OF FORTUNE or JEOPARDY. On really bad days I fall asleep during important stuff like SUPERNATURAL or AGENTS OF SHIELD. Naps are so good, but so evil!

  7. I feel like I spent the entirety of Round 3 this year revising my goals. Or at the very least, August & September. So far this round is going slightly more according to plan. I think it just takes time to realize that life isn’t going the way you thought – that you have less energy or one more commitment than you’d planned on – and adjust accordingly. Sounds like you’ve revised appropriately. As for naps? Essential to my well-being. ;*)

    • Plans and me didn’t agree in October. I’m hoping November is a different story. So far so good! However, I do find some rounds just never go the way you want. (Totally have my fingers crossed that this round isn’t that for me.)

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