Friday and the Guinea Pigs

ROW80I’ve done something I haven’t done in a long time. I forgot to alter my plans for a kids’ day off from school.  Usually, I give myself the day off from goals and last week, I just didn’t.  I mean, when I planned the goals.  On the actual day?  Yeah. No goals were worked on.  Though, lots of work went into the dress for my daughter’s weeping angel costume.  And then…

Picture from previous owner sent to me when I inquired.

Picture from previous owner sent to me when I inquired.

On Saturday?  I woke up to an email that eventually made me so excited I barely got anything done (only the laundry).  After searching for months, I found some guinea pigs in need of a home.  Two 10 month old sows named Oreo and Cupcake (yes, we’re keeping their original names, as adopters of most our pets, it’s just how we do it).  In fact, I didn’t even write this post (as I normally do on Saturday afternoons) until today (Sunday morning).  And I was up really early too, because “OMG I GOT PIGGIES IN MY HOUSE! CANNOT SLEEP MORE!” happened.  Because, I’m secretly a six-year-old in an adult’s body.

So Queenie finally has some downstairs neighbors.


So how did I do?  I wrote 1956 words and almost made my goal despite losing a day of writing.  I exercised 4 days (despite yoga being canceled and losing one traditional exercise day).  I read a combo of 8 pages and 5%, missing my reading goal.  I started the Pre-Writing Packet, but I’m not as far along as I’d like.  I studied at 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches.  And this week I remembered to visit those 4+ ROWers.

This week, I will work on getting the pigs worked into everyday routine and start working on my goal to increasing my daily word counts.

To be on track this week I’ll…
Write 2500 words * Exercise 4 Days * Read a combo of 30 pages or 15%
Do More Pre-Writing Packet * Study at 5 Breakfasts * Study at 4 Lunches
Visit 4+ ROWers

Have you ever owned a guinea pig? Any Tips for me?
Any bumps in your ROW80 goals this week?

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17 thoughts on “Friday and the Guinea Pigs

  1. Congratulations on the guinea pigs. And I love the names by the way and am glad you are keeping them. Um, what do you want to know about guinea pigs? They love to eat and will squeak like crazy when you come into the room to feed them. I’m sure you have guinea pig pellets for them but they love lettuce too. When it was warm outside, I would let ours graze in the backyard. She got away once and went under the deck and it took forever to get her out. Oh, and her name was Bunny when we got her and we kept her name, always referring to her as “Bunny the pig”. She lived forever. We got her when she was two and had her for five years, before we gave her back to the family we got her from. I always felt bad for her because we had cats and dogs in the house so we had to keep her shut up in her cage in a spare room and she didn’t get the socialization I wished she would have gotten. Best of luck with Oreo and Cupcake!

    • We have lettuce on hand! Red leaf! They loved it. We’re lucky that Oreo and Cupcake live in the living room thanks to the awesome cage my father-in-law made. One of the reasons we got guinea pigs was their long life spans. My husband can’t stand the thought of losing something so soon (which is why I’m the one with a hamster, not him).

  2. Love the names for the piggies. I lost 2 days for the kids being out of school. I’m a 12 year old stuck in the body of an adult 🙂

    • The family totally named them great.

      My internal age varies depending on medium. Pets, I’m single digits for. Entertainment, I’m probably 16 internally. The cold/weather, I’m 80. 😉

  3. Strange, I’m usually stuck on my writing because of a seven and a ten year old. Kid stuff somehow always trumps writing goals. Good luck with your list for the coming week.

    • Kids always win attention. I used to be able to write like 3k even with them about. Then both started school and I basked int he quiet. I lost that skill.

      Thank you! Hope your goals go well, too!

  4. My brother took care of the neighbor’s guinea pig for a week while they were on vacation many years ago. The one thing I remember was him holding the pig on his lap, and the pig taking a leak on him. I still find that funny; after all, I’m an 8-year-old with fifty years’ practice…

    A good week, all told. Did you and the kids have fun on Monday?

    Have fun with the piggies…

    • I totally plan to make lap pads (fleece pee pads for the guinea pigs to sit on). It’s quite funny to the young at heart, but the fact it peed on your brother showed it was relaxed and trusting him. It’s considered a big step in bonding when that happens.

      The kids and I worked on projects their day off (girl’s Halloween costume and boy’s arts and craft project). Neither of which were finished though.

  5. Ooooh piggies!! I’ve never had them, but I think they’re so adorable! Have fun with them! 😀

    Good work with progress! 😀

    • In my piggies excitement I almost forgot, are you feeling better? 🙂

      • I think I’m better. Friday is tarted risking holding my hamster again. There’s still some congestion in the morning, but I think that’s seasonal. How’s your chest cold?

        • I’m glad you’re well again! I thought I was getting better, but I’ve actually been getting worse since Sunday night. 😦 We now think it might be a nasty flu that’s been going around, but we’re not sure.

          • Oh, no. 😦 This illness needs to give you a break and let you be awesome(r). It’s not cool that it is hanging out like a house guest over staying his welcome. I’ll continue to wish you well and hope to hear you’re all better soon!

    • Thank you! These are my first ever piggies, actually. I’ve been stalking YouTube and forums learning all about them. Like my hamster vlogger watching wasn’t odd enough. LOL

  6. The guinea pigs look adorable, and I think the names are perfect. Our dog is a rescue and we didn’t change her name when we adopted her. She was six years old when we got her and we figured she already had enough change in her life with moving to a new home; she didn’t need to learn a new name, too.

    Good luck with your ROW80 goals!

    • We view the old names as a badge of honor. Out of all our pets I have only named my gouramis (fish) and my hamster. It isn’t a bad way to be. 😉

      Thank you! Hope your goals are going well. 🙂

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