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If I Wrote Shadows and Fire‘s Back Cover Blurb:
In the future, humans mucked about with DNA and made human-animal hybrids that are closer to animal than human.  Realizing they screwed up, they locked these hybrids in domes.  Once upon a time, Priests (the people in charge) sent a team into the jail dome and a lady priest got raped.  She had twin babies, a boy and a girl, and died.  The boy seemed more like the things so they locked him up and now his very human seeming sister volunteered to go in the dome to reunite with him because he told to through telepathy.  Add in dead mom’s old teacher/boss/commander finds out sister is going in the domes and he’s out to “rescue” her.

My Opinion:
The setting is really interesting, with glimpses of outside the dome life, but major focus about within it.  I imagined the hybrids like THUNDERCATS, especially the reboot with all the animal races.  And the way dome society worked based upon these animals.  Super cool.  I should point out I had a duh moment.  There was a dolphin woman that it took me a while to figure out she was a dolphin.

The book was short, and I got to the end easily enough.  However, the plot basically felt like, “get the group together and the end.”  For me that’s a great first half of the book plot, but not a good whole book plot.

There is another book, Slight of Hand: Shadow Games that is a sequel.  As cool as the setting was, I didn’t love any of the characters enough to want to continue the story.  They weren’t badly done in any way.  It was totally a personal connection thing.  And that’s why I recommend giving this book a try if this sounds like your kind of thing.

What kind of animal would you cross yourself with?
What have you been reading?

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