Achoo! + #ROW80 Update

After a long streak of health, I’m sick.  The tissues are diminishing but the little boogie* I’m putting into them isn’t.  Do you know what this means?  NO HAMSTER CUDDLES!!!  I’m hoping it also doesn’t mean no yoga as well, because I’m liking the class.  I’m really glad I got over my anxiety and went for it.  Unfortunately, this cold already messed with some plans of mine.  I had wanted to try to fit in a leisurely walk (extra exercise) and some (extra) Japanese study, but I figured stressing my body was a bad idea.

To the point: How did I do last week and how will I do next week?


That’s right! My goal: Complete “Start Here” sheets for TROLL, ALCHEMY, SPOILERS, and DAUGHTER Done! And half of my goal: Write outline and start writing HAMSTER Done! I read 26 pages and 11% of an ebook, meeting my goal: Read 30 pages or 15% or some combination there of a week.  And I did all four of my planned workouts and even got a bonus 3.5 mile walk in the park in there too.

That was all the good stuff.  The bad stuff?  I missed study meals.  One was due to my first yoga class and trying to figure out with the change of schedule how this will work and the other was Saturday when I woke up with a faucet for a nose.  I didn’t visit ROWers because it slipped my mind.  It is the first thing on my writing to do list for the week!

I have yet to start the second half of the HAMSTER goal or my goals Complete Pre-Writing Packet for [have yet to decide], Write “Personal Project,” and Work on daily word count goals.  I’ll be starting those this week, head cold allowing.

To be on track this week:
Write 2250 words * Exercise 4 Days * Read a combo of 30 pages or 15%
Start Pre-Writing Packet * Study at 5 Breakfasts * Study at 4 Lunches
Visit 4+ ROWers

How was your week?
What do you miss doing when you’re sick?

*- I know there’s a joke where
“little boogie” is part of the
punchline. Can’t remember it.

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8 thoughts on “Achoo! + #ROW80 Update

  1. I hope you feel better soon. Looks like your on track.

    • I spent Sunday sleeping. And still I’m not better. Quite frustrating. But, I’m well enough that I’m going to yoga. (Or maybe I’m stubborn enough that I’m going to yoga…) I’m seriously hoping this cold doesn’t derail me.

  2. Great work on your goals! It’s great knowing you’ve still been productive when you’re sick.

    I’ve had a horrid chest cold for a while now, and it’s beginning to get worse 😦 Hopefully you get well soon!

    • Thanks. Actually I managed all that before getting sick (illness hit Friday and I was a bit ahead of schedule). I’m just hoping this plague doesn’t get so bad I can’t manage the goals for this week. Though, I am already making adjustments (driving to yoga instead of walking, due to rain and plague combo).

      Oh, chest colds are the worst! I quit smoking a few years ago and the number one thing I don’t miss is chest colds, because when I smoked every cold turned into one. This plague that has gripped me seems to be a head cold.

      • If that’s the case then extra congratulations are in order for being so productive before Friday!!

        I always seem to get a chest cold after I’ve been sick and they take FOREVER to go away. This one has been particularly bad though, phlegm everywhere which is just horrid. I can still do everything, it’s just a nasty feeling. Hopefully we both get well soon!

        • Thank you 🙂

          Seriously every best wish and get well I have is aimed at you. Phlegm is evil! Everything about it is sooooo wrong.

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Sometimes the only thing we can do is rest and try to recover! Sounds like you accomplished a lot – both sick and well. All the best.

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