I Read 13 Secrets


This week’s book, 13 SECRETS, is a middle grade novel and the final/third book in a trilogy.  I read the first book, 13 TREASURES, last summer.  Last week, I talked about book two, 13 CURSES.

My Take on the Plot:
The group is together once more and Red stays our main character (after the switch up in book 2). While book 2/13 CURSES was about Red’s past that led her searching for James, this book is about what she did to search for him.  This is about her past, which she thought was coming to rest being rustled up once again.  Not to mention, some of the things she did in book 2 were coming back to haunt her too.

My Opinion:
My one complaint about 13 CURSES was that it had a soap opera like twist in it.  I felt the soap opera antics get turned up not just a bit, but a lot in this book.  This didn’t detract from the main story, but made it predictable for me as a seasoned soap opera watcher.  (Though, I watched them mostly during my teens.)

Of the three books, this was my least favorite.  I felt that the sense of comradery these characters should have had by now wasn’t there. It felt like the journey up to now didn’t mean much.  And that made me sad.  It also felt like it was being drug out a little.  Don’t get me wrong!  The book wasn’t bad.  It was just not my favorite.  I did feel it wrapped the series up well.  It tied up what had to be tied, as these characters live after the story ends.  And there was still more new information about the fairy world to be shared/learned.

These books are now on my daughter’s shelf.
I can’t wait until she reads them!

Has a last book ever not lived up to the task for you?
What are you reading?

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