Quick Notes

#1- Still Editing.
With luck, these final copy edits will be done by the start of ROW80 on Monday.

#2- I finally got the cage!
(Hamster tank is on top and skull and bone fleece is waiting to be fitted inside.)

#3- My daughter loved her birthday cake I made her.

#4- On Halloween…
I’ll be the mother of a teenager (now that’s horror) and will be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary.  Of course, because my town is broken, I won’t be actually celebrating Halloween.  That will happen the 26th.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Notes

  1. Love the cage. Your town is broken? I guess I better get to work on my goals.

    • It is my annual grumble, as Halloween is obviously a big thing for our family. For many years (before I moved here) they had canceled Halloween. As in no trick or treating. They brought it back (shortly before I moved here) and when they did, trick or treating is just 2 hours: 4pm-6pm. A lot of Halloween decorations are made for night. So this adds to our frustration.

      Now this may sound like much, but it gets worse. My town built a 6 ft long covered bridge over a drain pipe so they could be added to the cover bridge tour and ripped up perfectly good sidewalks so they could re-pour them with tinted cement and stamp grapes into them.

    • Forgot to add that the 4-6 trick or treating happens the Sunday *before* Halloween, instead of the holiday.

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