The Dogs


Grumpy Old Lady Dog

We owned our house all of 2 months before we adopted our first dog, Betty.  I wanted something that wouldn’t knock over our (then) toddler and stand up to our son’s roughness.  My husband wanted a “real dog.”  We went to our local shelter and found her.  An adult (7 years old at the time) basset mix that had been turned in with two other dogs.  We could only take her, though.

Now, Betty is an old lady and that really showed when in 2013 she stopped walking due to back issues.  It wasn’t that she couldn’t, it just took way more effort as a nerve was pinched and she had limited strength in her hind legs due to it.  However, she got over herself and started walking again as the holidays rolled in that year.  It was our Halloween miracle.


Dumb Dog

When my daughter entered school I knew I was going to be home alone a lot and we talked about getting another dog.  But, the lack of responsibility (just Betty) ended up being more appealing.

That lasted for about a year, until 2010 when my husband’s coworker decided to give away his dogs (which the coworker had adopted from the same shelter we got Betty from).  At first we were only going to get one, the husky.  However, when the coworker said he was going to return one or both to the shelter if he didn’t find a home…  We took them both.

Yup, we’re a couple of suckers.

The older of those two is the male, Romeo, a shepherd terrier mix.  He’s two years younger than Betty, making him a senior dog as well.  He wants all the pets and love you can give him.  He’s far from the sharpest Crayola in the box, which adds to his lovableness.  He will try anything to get the squirrels (including climbing the deck railing).


The Husky

The “puppy” of the house is four years younger than Betty and two younger than Romeo.  And that’s our Husky, Juliet.  She likes to go outside regardless of the weather and to bring weather (rain and snow) in.  She is my sleeping buddy and replaces my husband after he wakes up to go to work.

Fun Fact: We did not change any of the dogs’ names.  These are the ones the previous owners gave them.

What are you a sucker for?

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