Blogging With Queenie


Queenie at my desk.

When I thought about blogging with my hamster, Queenie, I always envisioned it as banter.  Queenie would interrupt with her hamster point of view and I’d respond.  I tried that in a couple of posts, likes this one.

The reality was much different.

I like to keep my blog posts as short as possible.  Physically and literally.  I don’t want you scrolling too much or thinking I drone on.  So, those two posts bugged me and I scaled back her appearances to “accents.”  Each post had one Queenie appearance that showed you what I was going to talk about or my ROW80 progress.

Also I should point out, she wasn’t in all my posts.  It just wasn’t always “appropriate.”  I was working on extras for my About/Contact page this month.  And posting a rodent on a recipe post…  Wasn’t going there.

Anyways, here we are at the end of the month and the end of my experiment of blogging with Queenie.  And to keep it short, yes, she’ll be staying.  Yes, I’ll be doing the accent/when appropriate method.  Yes, there will be one change: a new Queenie pic every week, starting October 6th.  Maybe I’ll revisit the banter idea if I can come up with another way to do it, but that isn’t high on my list of things to do.

What post(s) did you enjoy most from me this month?

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