I Read 13 Curses



This week’s book is a middle grade novel and the second book in a trilogy.  I read the first book, 13 TREASURES, last summer.  Next week, I’ll talk about book three, 13 SECRETS.  But, this week it is all about 13 CURSES.

My Take on the Plot:
While the first book was about Tanya, this book is about a character she met in the last book, Red.  The characters from the first book are there, but they are supporting/sidekicks.  This novel is big and thick because you get two stories for the price of one.  The first story is the one of Red’s past (why she’s an orphan, how her brother was taken by fairies, and so on).  The second story is what she has to do to get her brother back from the fairy court.

My Opinion:
This book was pretty darn good.  Harrison made some wise choices in this book.  One wise choice was changing main characters.  While Tanya was a great gateway/”welcome to this kind of like ours world” character, she was not interesting enough to bring more story.  Another wise choice was rather than writing a prequel, she just merged the two stories together and let them unfold in a way that complimented each other.

The only thing that bothers me… I’m going to try to say this in a way that is hopefully not spoilery.  The twists she threw in were soap opera worthy.  I understand twists are good and important, but these felt very large scale, even for the world all this was set in.  But, that didn’t hamper my liking the book that much (maybe 5% less like due to it).

If you haven’t read 13 TREASURES, go read it now
and pick up 13 CURSES for when you are done!

Do you like, hate, love, or fear the number 13?
What are you reading?

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2 thoughts on “I Read 13 Curses

  1. The number 13 means nothing to me. I don’t fear it, I also don’t believe in luck! I am fascinated by the lack of a 13th floor in some buildings. I am still trying to finish ‘The Book Thief’. The library may ask for it back before that happens.

    • In Japan it is the 4th floor as four (shi) means death.

      I’ve been reading I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT for a month or more. I just hate reading it knowing it is the last book featuring that character, but not that world. Sure the world keeps getting stories, but not her? Gives me the sads.

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