#ROW80 Round 3 Wrap Up

Before I talk about my goals for the round, let’s talk about what I did between Sunday and today. Share it, Queenie!


Yeah, I didn’t read.  I was in the middle of an intense conversation during my usual Monday reading time.  And then I couldn’t find time to make it up.

So, with that in mind, how did I do for this round, which I started super late?  And by super late I mean August 31st.

Finish editing GRANDMA
Done on 9/4. This didn’t take long.  It is currently with my BETAs.
Start editing MEOW
Started on 9/8 and done on 9/11.  I knew I could finish this by the end of the round, but I thought it would have been closer tot he end.  I hadn’t been holding my breath I’d be done this.  Super excited I did.
Start editing TJ
I added this goal on 9/12 and started it that day. I finished the edits on 9/22.  Another surprise (that I got to it and that I finished it).

Read 85 pages
I read 102 pages.  I need to figure out how to factor my kindle app reading into this goal for next round.
Lift Weights M, W, Th, and F (starting 9/3)
I started it on time.  For the sake of my out of shape arms I skipped Friday 9/5.  I did all other days, despite getting bored. (Next round, more variety!)
Resume Study Meals (starting 9/10)
Accidentally started this a week early.  I only missed one day of studies due to my daughter being home sick.
Visit 2 ROWers per Check-in
I needed to do 16 visits to be on target. I did 26 visits in total.  

I did great!  I hope to keep up the awesome between rounds and have TJ and MEOW out in slush piles before start of next round.  Next round will hopefully be about starting new works.

How do you break up the boredom in your routine?
How was the round for you?

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7 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3 Wrap Up

  1. I think you did great. By the way the rodent is adorable!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait until next round. I’ve already go plans!!!

      And my hamster is my daily dose of cute. Yesterday she about slayed me with adorableness while eating an apple bit as I held her.

  2. you did great for this round!!

  3. Looks like you had a productive round! Mine went pretty well–finished a second draft of one story and wrote two shorter works. All in all, I’m pleased with the progress I made.

  4. Love the hamster by the way! Reminds me of mine I have in Middle School, Carmel was her name. Anyway, the goals. I did pretty well. I could have been more focused some days, but I stuck to getting into good habits, writing, reading, journaling, and such. In a much better place. I tried new things and discarded others. Productive. And I am ready for Round 4.

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