queenie2It started with our 20 gallon fish tank.  One day, it sprung a leak.  Aside from not being able to hold water, it was perfectly fine.  And that’s why my husband asked the question, “What can we put in it?”  After determining locations the tank could sit and lack of outlets it came down to gerbils, mice, or hamsters.  After some research I decided it had to be a hamster.

Queenie is a long haired Syrian hamster with red eyes.  I bought her from the PetCo about 40 minutes away on November 23, 2013.  The cardboard box they gave her to me in barely made it home.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to get her, I forgot to ask when she was born.

I bought her without a name in mind.  I did know I didn’t want to name her anything that could influence her being.  Already off the list was Sniffles (she could get sick and die), Nibbles (I didn’t want a biter), or names like that.  I also decided against human names or names she could possibly not live up to like Snuggles (which if she hated snuggling would give me the sads).  Queenie came from the dream I had November 23rd after buying her.  I had organized a wedding and the couple paid me with a chicken named Queenie.

Her favorite snack is yogurt drops.  She is trained to sit on my chest (it is her get pets spot and safe place when out of the cage).  She likes running into sleeves.  And she refuses to run on her wheel when anyone is in the room.  Queenie is likely the most spoiled pet in the household.

Fun Fact: Queenie is my 3rd hamster ever, but my most beloved one.
My first hamsters were Tom and Cindy when I was a kid.

Have you ever used a name from a dream for a pet, character, or something else?

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