I’m Stalking the Shelter’s Webpage

ROW80I was all super excited to share pictures of my guinea pig cage, but I don’t have it.  See, there’s a certain hook nail my father-in-law needed to secure the hardware cloth.  He left them at the house he’s selling and not the house he’s building my cage at.  He picked them up Saturday morning (along with the kids), so not much longer.  No worries on my end.  Just gives more time for a pair of bonded pigs to show up at the shelter. (Adopt when you can, yo!)

Otherwise, this past week has been jammed pack.  Monday daughter’s school had book fair and despite it being BOGO we spent about $50.  Tuesday we finally took our son’s laptop to be fixed (he paid for the repairs himself), bought a treadmill, and took the son to the doctor (after 1 year of trying we finally locked in a ADHD medicine and dose- BIG WOOT!!!).  Wednesday the boy had a field trip.  Thursday we met our daughter’s teachers and visited with some of my son’s old ones.  Friday I donated an audio book to the local library and son’s laptop was ready for pick up.

So, with a week like that, how did my goals do?  Tell them, Queenie!


I did well despite the crazy week and being bored.  Yes, bored.  For starters, I’m bored of editing.  I’m on my third project in a row to go through edits (because I avoided doing them up until now) and I’m almost at the end of my rope.  I’m also bored of my weight lifting routine.  Friday came and I almost didn’t do it (instead I did it late).

While the round ends officially on Thursday, I’ll be ending it on Wednesday when the last check-in post comes up.

To meet my goals I must:
Read 10 Pages * Edit 3 Pages * Lift Weights 1 Day
Visit 2 ROWers * 1 Study Breakfast * 1 Study Lunch

Basically, that’s everything I have to do tomorrow.  Sundays and Tuesdays are writing days off.  Though, on Tuesdays I do some fiddly stuff (back up writing files, poke short story markets, set up Wednesday’s blog post, and such) after dinner, so not entirely off. And on Sundays my computer is on for an hour, maximum.  Just long enough to get any recipes I need and linkie these updates.  Then, I’m computer free.

Do you have a disconnect from tech time or day?
Why or why not?
How’s your week been?

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8 thoughts on “I’m Stalking the Shelter’s Webpage

  1. Tech is a compulsion for me, so no, I don’t have a tech-free day. Usually at dinnertime my phone is charging and I’m away from the computer, so that’s maybe two hours where I’m away from the phone and the computer, though I might be reading on my Kindle. Does that mean I’m not really taking the time off?

    Given how much you over-achieved last week, you could probably blow off this coming week…

    • Kindles are definitely a gray area. They are “books” but a “tech version.” I’m not sure where that would fall. So you might be, but might not be?

      I did consider blowing off the week, but I really want to finish this third project’s edits. When next round starts I want to be able to not have to think about it. I want to get to all new projects. So, I am pushing myself a little. 🙂

  2. I try to get off the computer, phone, etc. by 10:30 or so at night because supposedly, that will help me to sleep better, but I don’t always do it. And there’s still the Kindle–I don’t count that, but it is tech, so I guess the answer to your question would be no. Between my day job (programmer) and writing, it’s too hard to stay away from the computer!

    The guinea pig pic is so cuuuuuuute! Good luck getting yours!

    • It would be quite a challenge for you to have a tech free day, for sure! At night, I’m usually off the computer, but not my phone. Actors that seem familiar drive me nuts! (IMDB is my friend.)

      The picture is actually my hamster, Queenie. She’s the reason I want guinea pigs. I wasn’t much of a “rodent” fan until I got her. Now I want all the things! She’s also my daily dose of cute.

  3. I try to have a day off from computer stuffs. Lately with my schedule it’s be Saturdays. Most Saturdays are go for going out, being active, hanging with friends. Saturdays are Doctor Who days for me, so often I will go with doing any computer based work.

    As for the goals, I have been plugged along. I have two white boards that I am using to remind me of the things that I need to focus on. So, good all around and getting better.

    • I have to DVR Doctor Who. That’s D&D night at my house and my daughter’s in Amish country with her grandpa that night. But, we get to it after dinner on Sunday. (Proud mama moment: She wants to be a weeping angel for Halloween!)

      I bought myself some picture frames (to use as dry erase boards) for writing purposes too. One has projects (status: Active, Slush, Inactive). The other one has my schedule, my ROW 80 goals, and other goals.

  4. Did you actually manage any sleep this week? Busy girl. Well done on completely the goals this week. x

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I’m a fuddy-duddy and addicted to sleep. I go to bed at 10pm Sunday through Friday night. I did not miss a wink! Additionally, I went to sleep early on Friday. Saturdays are my one late night a week, until Castle comes back and then I stay up late to watch that.

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